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Human Hungry Hungry Hippos And Taking Drinking Games To The Next Level

Words: Josh Rakic
Photography: Flickr/Marc Flores

Your favorite childhood games now require a breathalizer.

A night out with friends always has a way of turning physical, be it a close encounter with a bouncer, a possible hook-up or drinking games gone awry. Yeah, physical drinking games that make beer pong look like Scrabble. We’re talking Hammered Hammered Hippos, Taser Operation and international staples such as ferret legging, shin kicking and lizard pulling.

Admittedly, the difference between said games and beer pong is that one must first have consumed beverages of the alcohol variety — possible during beer pong — before considering taking on the physical challenges. See for yourself.

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Human hungry hungry hippos

This childhood favorite come to life has been circulating the interwebs for a year or two now, but this is the best incarnation of it yet — complete with barriers. If this is how every office operated, office jobs would be at a premium.


It’s hard enough playing the Operation board game sober, let alone performing it on a human being with a 4000v taser as penalty for touching the edge of the cookie cutters placed strategically on a friend’s bare belly.

ferret legging

Before Jackass and long after it there will be ferret legging, a UK drinking sport contested in bars where one simply puts two ferrets down their trousers — sans underwear — in a feat of endurance to see who can suffer through the pain the longest before removing the feisty rodents from their slacks. Can’t find a ferret? A squirrel will do. Or if you’re really game, a racoon.

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Shin kicking

Described as the “English martial arts” and documented as a “combat sport” on its especially creative Wikipedia page, the sport of shin kicking is notorious in the UK for the extensive training regimen required to compete — typically a pint or four and an above average pain threshold. First to drop to the ground loses.

lizard pulling

So you wanna play a competitive physical drinking game, but you don’t have enough people to for any of the above? The answer: lizard pulling. All this Australian entry requires is two people, a leather belt loose around both their necks and each to be on all fours. The first to pull the other across the line wins.

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