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A new design framework

Words: Robert Sperl
Photography: Courtesy of Unno.com

Fifteen thousand square feet of carbon mats, cut into 400 puzzle pieces and baked at 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Meet Unno, the superlative bike frame. 

The heart and soul of a bicycle rests in the frame, a structure that gives a bike its beauty and character. It’s an element former Downhill World Cup mountain bike racer Cesar Rojo has been tinkering with for decades. Having worked with Spanish bike designers Mondraker, Rojo has now struck out on his own. As CEO of Cero Design in Barcelona, he has developed a unique series of bikes under the name Unno. 

As Rojo is still perfectly happy hurtling headlong downhill on a bike — he was world champion in his age category in 2015 — Unno bikes reflect his nature as an uncompromising stickler for detail. The star attraction is the carbon structure.

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Four hundred individual parts are placed in aluminum molds, glued together and placed in an autoclave set to 750 degrees Fahrenehit and 10 standard atmospheres (atm) of positive pressure. Cero will make 25 frames in 2017, retailing from $4,200. It’s not work — it’s a labor of love.

For more info, visit unno.com 

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