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Chris Brinlee Jr.

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DECEMBER 4, 2015

Amazon’s drone delivery service is priming for take-off

Ever dreamed of having a bag of M&M’s, a new TV remote, or some laundry detergent air-dropped into your front yard? Those dreams may soon become a reality, thanks to Amazon’s upcoming Prime Air Service. It’ll give a whole new meaning to “airmail.”

Ever wanted to drive a racecar? Porsche’s driving school can make your dreams come true

Good news for all the lead-footed, road-ragin’, speed-skirting drivers out there—the Porsche Sport Driving School was designed just for you. The program pairs each student with a professional driver—who then tailors the school to their skill level—ensuring that everyone gets a chance to rip.

This reusable rocket just went to space and landed back on earth—a historical first

Most rockets that go into space come back down—but usually as a thousand tiny pieces that burn up before they hit the ground. Not Jeff Bezos’s (the genius who brought us Amazon) new rocket though, which went into space—and landed safely back on earth. The feat was a monumental leap for making space endeavors—like tourism—cheap.

Kobe Bryant just announced his retirement with a poem because he’s a baller

Welp, it looks like another basketball great’s career has played out—legend Kobe Bryant is calling it quits. He made the announcement through a poem, of all things—showing us that even giants have a sensitive side. Ball on, Kobe. May your words play on forever.

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