Long Live the Late Night King

Photography: Cherie Vale/Newport Media 

Stephen Colbert stole our heart. And we want the damn thing back. 

In the pantheon of political pundits, Stephen Colbert reigns supreme. Supremely arrogant, ill informed and narcissistic, that is. And bitingly funny, too. Which is why he will be sorely missed when he sheds the character he has so deftly inhabited for nine seasons, shutter the Emmy-winning Colbert Report on December 18 and eventually re-emerge (as whom, is anyone’s guess) to take the reins of The Late Show from retiring David Letterman. So adieu, Mssr. Colbert.

Take our laughs, our idolatry, our chants of Ste-phen! Ste-phen! with you. And when we meet again, you better be as freakin’ funny as before. 

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01 2015 The Red Bulletin

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