Child’s Play: Hublot Big Bang MECA-10

Child’s Play: Hublot Big Bang MECA-10

Words: Gisbert L. Brunner

Kids’ toys were never built this well: the new Big Bang MECA-10 of Hublot

There’s one aspect in which quartz watches will never trump their mechanical counterparts: engineering. The craftsmanship and beauty of an analog timepiece’s movement, rather than its ability to tell the time accurately, is what makes it so desirable—and expensive. 

With the Big Bang MECA-10, Hublot takes this philosophy and rubs it in with an internal mechanism inspired by Meccano, a children’s construction toy. Visible screws flaunt themselves on the bezel, while its 223 clockwork components are visible through the 45mm face and transparent backplate.

The manual-wind movement has a power reserve of 10 days, and it reminds you when you need to rewind in a big way. A ratchet below the 12 and a circular-saw-like cog above the 6 both denote how many days are left before you need to wind the chunky gear-like crown. An indicator near the 3 turns red when winding is imminently required.

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The “All-Black” edition celebrates 10 years of Hublot building watches that break design tradition—here, it’s the view that it’s difficult to check the time on a black watch with black hands on a black dial. What’s very un-Meccano-like are the materials used: micro-blasted gray titanium for the regular model, and polished black ceramic for this edition, which is limited to 500 units. Kids’ toys were never built this well.

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