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The Red Bulletin Podcast: The Queen of Pain Reflects

Words: Andreas Tzortzis
Photography: Josh Glazebrook/Red Bull Content Pool

What if you picked up a sport at the age of 38 and became the best in the world at it in short time? Rebecca Rusch on the importance if evolving, the reward that comes with pain, and hallucinations on the trail.

Rebecca Rusch has watched a friend die during an adventure race in the Pacific Northwest; she’s rebuilt her Ford Bronco despite knowing nothing about cars; and has spent the last 25 years as a pro athlete not knowing whether the next year of sponsorship would be her last.  “The endurance game is really about making it work,” she says. This week on The Red Bulletin Podcast, we talk to the world’s top female endurance mountain biker, part-time firefighter and—recently—documentary star, about her relentless rise as an athlete across multiple disciplines. We also talk about the body image issues that prompted her dedication to sports, her keys to overcoming pain, and the importance of evolving and changing.

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