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Not your grill next door

This Bob Grillson Wooden Pellet Grill literally does it all

Your basic all-American grill has been redone, European style. From a manufacturer in Germany, this barbecue literally does it all, from curing to grilling - even baking pizza. Its versatility comes from its wide spectrum of available temperatures, as well as direct and indirect forms of grilling. The Grillson also has wheels for mobility, and its materials - fireproof stainless steel and galvanized iron sheets - ensure long-lasting functionality. Weighing in at 265 pounds, with a price tag of $4,290, this grill isn’t a toss away - it’s more like a lifetime investment.

4 things that make The Grillson so special:

Holzpelletgrill Bob



Temperature spectrum

Variable heat settings allow you to slow cook for hours - or fire bomb a pizza at 750°F.


Indirect/direct grilling surface

Steaks get the direct grilling treatment; a whole chicken uses the indirect option.




This is no use-it-and-ditch-it grill - it’s augmented by golf caddy-bag wheels.




Well, obviously, it’s fireproof - but added durability comes from stainless steel.

Grill Gadgets

Fire, Fire, Heh Heh!

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