Fit for Summer?

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These power moves recommended by world-class athletes will help you tone muscle and get ready for summer.

Vacation is booked, weather is perfect but still packing more pounds around the waistline than you would like? These exercises recommended by top athletes from around the world will help you work the most important muscle groups quickly and effectively, burning calories and getting you beach-ready in no time. The best part - you don’t need any equipment. All of these exercises can be done anytime and anywhere, so you have no excuses for not being at the top of your game this summer. 


Hard as a rock

Manu “The Beast“ Vatuvei plays on the wing for New Zealand Warriors in the National Rugby League (AUS). 

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1. The Quad Killer

“Because my knees are so beat up, I work hard on strengthening my quads. The wall sit looks easy but it’s a killer,” explains Rugby Star Manu Vatuvei

Wall Sit: This one is going to hurt, but you will thank us for it afterwards. The following workout targets your upper leg muscles.  

Difficulty: Hard
Muscles Worked: Quads 

Air time

Harrison Barnes plays small forward for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

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2. Put your ass into it! 

“The biggest thing I work on is my hip mobility and my strength,” says Harrison Barnes. “I work out in low positions to make sure I’m strong enough to play defence while being explosive on offence.”

Squat to Press: Here’s how its done - 1. Stand up straight, Feet shoulder-width apart, push the weights towards your ears to work your upper body a lot more. 2: Line up your knees above your ankles and push your butt out like you’re sitting in a chair. 3: Stand up straight and lift the weights above your head. To finish return to the starting position.

Difficulty: Medium
Muscles worked: Buttocks, upper legs, shoulders and triceps

Train like NBA pro Harrison Barnes.

Fit for F1?

Daniel Ricciardo: “When you get out of the car you really feel it in your ass.”

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3. Do try this at home 

“The glute med raise is very driver-specific,” explains Ricciardo’s trainer Stuart Smith, of the move that works the gluteus medius muscles found on the hips,“because a lot of forces act through the pelvis.”

F1 workout à la Daniel Ricciardo. What do racing drivers need? Quick reactions, excellent stamina, a strong neck and a stable pelvis. 

Single leg Side Plank: This workout works wonders on the gluteus medius muscles

Difficulty: Medium to hard 
Muscles Worked: Stomach, torso, hips and lower back  

High Achiever

Raphael Holzdeppe won Olympic bronze in 2012 and World Championship gold in 2013. 

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4. All-round excellence 

“My daily training routine is a brutal, full-body workout,” says German pole vaulter Raphael Holzdeppe

Side Crunches: Strenghten your torso, abs and sense of balance all in one move. 

Difficulty: Medium
Muscles worked: Oblique abdominal muscles 


Row, row, row your boat

Simon Schürch won the silver medal in lightweight double sculls at the 2013 World Rowing Championships in South Korea with Mario Gyr.

© Lukas Maeder

5. Not just for rowers! 

“Your legs are the most important thing in rowing: they generate the most power”, explains Schürch

Pistol Squats: The following workout is a simple way to build quad muscles and balance. Beginners may want stop after step 2 a few times, get used to the movements, and only then progress to step 3

Difficulty: Hard
Muscles worked: Most major muscle groups in the lower body and encourage greater core strength
Plus: Helps improve flexibility, posture and balance 

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