10 Worst Suits Rookies Wore to the NBA Draft

The 10 Worst Outfits in NBA Draft History



The internet never forgets. Check out the 10 worst NBA Draft outfits of all time.

The 2016 NBA Draft is finally upon us. While it’s impossible to predict this year’s draft picks, there is one sure bet we can all place our money on. At least one rookie will wear an ill-advised outfit and live as a meme on social media and in the archives of Google image search for years to come. Not even NBA superstars like Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James and the Houston Rockets’ James Harden are immune. Don’t believe it? Check out these images we compiled of the worst NBA Draft outfits King James and other drafted rookies wish they could purge from Google’s server farms.

Joakim Noah

Year: 2007

Pick: 9th overall

Team: Chicago Bulls

Possible explanation: One of the first things on an NBA rookie’s to-do list is hiring a good wealth manager. Noah must have hired the best wealth manager in the world because instead of splashing $3,000 on a brand new Gucci suit, he opted to recycle the suit he wore to his high school prom.


James Harden 

Year: 2009

Pick: 3rd overall

Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Possible explanation: NBA careers are unpredictable — it’s always a good idea for rookies to plan ahead for life after basketball. James Harden might have been playing hooky at the draft during his summer internship at the public library.

Jalen Rose 

Year: 1994

Pick: 13th overall

Team: Denver Nuggets

Possible explanation: The first piece of advice veteran NBA players give rookies is that they don’t owe any loyalty to the team that drafts them—it’s all just business anyway. Upon hearing this, Jalen Rose liberated himself from the maize and blue of Michigan and dressed himself from head to toe in Ohio State red, because it’s all just business anyway. 

Maurice Taylor 

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Year: 1997

Pick: 3rd overall

Team: Los Angeles Clippers

Possible explanation: Every rookie in the draft is going to see his Facebook friend requests from distant cousins and grade school friends skyrocket. The increased number of “close” friends means a ton of wedding invites. Maurice, feeling obligated to attend his long-lost cousin’s wedding the morning of the draft, didn’t have enough time to change into a normal suit and ended up in this teal monstrosity that his cousin’s bride personally picked out.

Wesley Johnson

Year: 2010

Pick: 4th overall

Team: Minnesota Timberwolves

Possible explanation: The top 25 rookies selected in the NBA Draft are guaranteed to make $1 million in their first year. That kind of money opens up a lot of doors and a lot of invitations to some fancy places. Wesley Johnson probably wore his golf pants to the draft to make sure he didn’t miss his tee time at Augusta National.

Tim Thomas

Year: 1997

Pick: 7th overall

Team: New Jersey Nets

Possible explanation: For most rookies, the NBA Draft is a job interview with team owners and brands wanting to sign talented, young faces. Tim Thomas probably spent too much time practicing his handshake and interview questions instead of picking out what he was going to wear that day. And with Macy’s closed on the night before the draft, the only option for Thomas was to borrow his uncle’s Easter suit. 

Drew Gooden 

Year: 2002

Pick: 4th overall

Team: Memphis Grizzlies

Possible explanation: There’s a ton of moving parts on draft day and it’s easy to misplace your phone, wallet or even your suit jacket. Drew Gooden must have misplaced his jacket minutes before leaving his hotel room for the draft. Being a resourceful person, Gooden found the only thing in his room that matched the color of his pants and thought maybe he could pull it off. It worked — unless you look very closely, you can’t really tell he’s wearing the window curtains from his hotel room that day.

Samaki Walker 

Year: 1996

Pick: 9th overall

Team: Dallas Mavericks

Possible explanation: All of the rookies invited to this year’s NBA Draft will only be there because they’re some of the most competitive athletes on the planet. When players are that competitive, they’re naturally inclined to be haters and hate on other players. It’s possible that Samaki Walker was prepared for all the hate he was going to dish out and be subjected to. Instead of shying away, Walker embraced it and dressed the part to maybe even win Hater of the Year at the original Playa Haters’ Ball.

Chuck Person

Year: 1986

Pick: 4th overall

Team: Indiana Pacers

Possible explanation: Every year, the NBA Draft creates more instant millionaires than the Powerball. A lot of these drafted rookies will finally have the purchasing power to do anything and everything their heart has always desired. For Chuck Person, we’re guessing that was to finally being able to throw himself a sweet 16 party on draft night.

LeBron James 

Year: 2003

Pick: 1st overall

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Possible explanation: NBA Draft Day is the perfect platform for rookies to start building their brand. The outfit a rookie wears at the draft can make or break opportunities of landing lucrative endorsements for products ranging from Nike sneakers to Kia cars. The only possible explanation for LeBron James’ outfit the day of his draft is that he was probably aiming for a lucrative Clorox bleach endorsement. That or he’s just a huge Boyz II Men fan. 

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