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5 activites most likely to lead to the bedroom

Words: Lena Kouyoumdjian
Photo: Pixabay  

No apps necessary to sex up your dating game with these key insights.

It’s a pretty great time to not leave your house. You can get your dinner delivered, your wine delivered, your weed delivered - really anything delivered in under 20 minutes if you’re willing to pay for it. You can have your laundry picked up, done and returned, or your hair washed, blown out and did. You can even invite someone over for “Netflix and Chill” without ever leaving the couch. 

But - and hopefully this doesn’t come as too much of a shock - humans are a bit more complicated than groceries. Finding a person you want to take all of your clothes off with and maybe even, god forbid, click with is a bit more difficult than say, finding a good deal on toilet paper.

While our dating apps are pretty good, no app or algorithm can account for real life chemistry. A person might look great on paper - err, profile - but looks are just that, and only one part of sexual attraction. Energy, charisma and pheromones can only be experienced IRL, and often cause you to feel attracted to someone you’d skip over on an app. So, with that in mind and a new year born, here are five conversation-inducing hobbies that will lead to your next sexy time - no app required.

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Dog park-ing

The great thing about the dog park is that it’s a BYO-conversation starter situation. Maybe your dog starts playing with another dog or you start playing with another dog or maybe your dog isn’t playing with any dogs and needs your intervention. It doesn’t matter. All paths lead toward conversation with another - hopefully single - owner. You’re not being weird, you just like dogs. Better yet, you don’t even need to be a dog owner because pet sitting is acceptable and even encouraged, meaning you’ll show how selfless you are, and who isn’t into that?

That new foodie trend

Love food? Always reading about the crazy new thing, like the ramen burger or that new place downtown that’s serving tacos with shells made out of cheese? It’s a logical and wise reaction to think you’ll wait until the buzz dies down before you make a trip to go try it - that is if you’re not trying to get laid, of course. The line for one of these buzzy foods is a great place to meet someone with whom you’ll share at least one interest. Plus, anyone you meet here will probably be down to go try that pickled corndog with you when it’s a hard pass from all of your friends.

Surfing or SUPing lessons

No need to sell you on how fun these activities are, but maybe you’re thinking that falling down a lot in your bathing suit isn’t an ideal scenario for meeting a romantic partner? Au contraire! You’re being adventurous. You’re being vulnerable. You’re putting yourself out there. And the result is like skipping ahead to date three, where you reveal something super embarrassing about yourself and it’s all okay. And, worst case, if it doesn’t end up being a meet-cute, you’re at least getting some sun and exercise, which is more enticing than drinking craft beer out of mason jars across from some stranger who showed up in a fedora.


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Improv class

This is a great way to meet people you probably wouldn’t come into contact with between your friends and your nine-to-fivers. These are people with great comedic timing. There are a lot of wins in this scenario, with very little downside. First of all, everyone is in the same state of vulnerability, and you’re forced to not just talk with new people but actively interact with them. You’ll get funnier yourself, you’ll make some new friends and if you’re the kind of person who really bonds over making fun of the person who sucks, there’s ample opportunity for that. Win, win, win. 


Art openings

It’s unclear if it’s the art, the free wine or some combination of the two, but art openings attract beautiful people like moths to flames. They’re also a great place to see celebrities being casually incognito. And, fortified with liquid courage and inspired by wall-to-wall art, there’s a good chance a gallery opening will cultivate in you the most perfect, devastatingly witty conversation opener you didn’t even know you had.

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