New York City’s most decadent guilty pleasures of 2016

Words: Nikki Marie
Photo: Flickr/ Michelle Hurwitz

To celebrate the holidays and the month of indulgence we delve into the best-but-worst treats to come out of Manhattan in 2016.

At a time when Instagram leads the pack of social posts and food becomes famous with the double tap of a screen, it’s not hard to find social media’s most Instagrammable culinary concoctions. Wild, colorful and straight up out-there, these saliva-inducing internet sensations are taking the world by storm. And in the munchies mecca of Manhattan, you only have to go just a couple of blocks to track down these decadent dishes, drinks and desserts.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or any meal in between, there is certainly no shortage of fabulous foods to chow down on. But of course, there are those ones that rock the pages of Instagram and send foodies into a frenzy searching for the latest in tantalizing food trends.  From uptown to downtown and all across New York City, whatever foods you fancy, there’s a meal with your name on it.

As we put 2016 on playback mode, here are New York City’s top five most decadent foods of the year.

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© Nikki Marie

Cotton Candy Milkshake, Black Tap 

Once upon a time, this little known burger and beer joint was just another New York City noshing nook. Fast forward thousands of Instagram posts later and you’ve got one of the most visited burger bars in all of Gotham. Made famous by their crazy concocted milkshakes, these milkshake masters have taken this sweet treat to a whole new level. And after their burger won Burger Bash’s People’s Choice award two years in a row, it’s no wonder why there’s a three hour wait-in-line process to experience this meat & milkshake madness. 

donut, bagel, icing

© Nikki Marie

Everything Doughnut,  Doughnut Project

What happens when two of New York City’s best-known sustaining staples get married? They have a baby of course. Meet the Everything Donut. Part bagel, part donut, this sinful stack of airy fried dough is smothered in cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with all the fixins you could ever want in an everything bagel - think sesame seeds, garlic chips, and poppy seeds. Not your thing? There’s a bunch of hand-crafted donuts to suit your sweet tooth’s every desire, including seasonal favorites like the 24 Carrot, The Bronx or the Bone Marrow Chocolate.

poutine, gravy, fries

© Nikki Marie

Poutine, Jacob’s Pickles

Their fashion sense might be 10 years behind but Canadians are no slouch on the junk food front – evidenced by the Upper West Side’s adaptation of the Canuck’s famous comfort food, poutine. This delicious pile of perfectly sliced and fried potatoes topped with a massive serving of gravy and cheese sauce may not be what the doctor ordered but who asked him anyway? Paired with the Honey Chicken & Pickles Biscuit sandwich and a cold cup-o-brew, this is the perfect pairing to put you in a food coma.

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Pulled Pork Mac’n’Grilled Cheese, Randolph’s 

Your favorite childhood meal is now “adulting” just like you. The latest iteration of your mom’s famous grilled cheese is now a gushing river of sandwiched cheese on steroids. Think guacamole, roasted peppers, loads of cheese and the perfectly buttered bread. The rockin’ Grill-N-Guac puts mom to shame. (Sorry, mom). And if you really want to go all in, don’t forget to order a side of sweet tater tots with Sambal aioli sauce for dipping delight. The Memphis-style pulled pork with mac’n’cheese will put you to sleep! 

Good morning World 🌎 Tag your dumpling. 📸: @theninabobo

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Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings

Started as a family’s tribute to their grandmother’s delicious dumplings, and on a quest to recreate authentic Taiwanese food, the Mimi Cheng’s team has found a way to hand-roll tons of tasty tradition into each pocket of perfection creating a savory recreation of what “Mimi” once fed them. And with monthly collaborations with other New York-based Instagram food sensations like Black Tap, there’s an even greater incentive to visit more often.  

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