Capturing Ibiza 

Words: Andreas Rottenschlager
Photography: Faris Villena

Erratic, ecstatic, sexy and spontaneous: the nightlife of Ibiza is preserved for posterity by photographer Faris Villena. Here, he chooses his favorite shots.
Faris Villena

Madrid-born Faris Villena, 33, has been photographing Ibiza nightlife for four years.


THE RED BULLETIN: You’ve made your career documenting Ibiza’s biggest clubs and most exclusive parties. What’s so different about the nightlife on the island?

FARIS VILLENA: The incredible lineup of DJs. After Berlin, Ibiza is the most important place in the world when it comes to new dance music trends. But, unlike in Berlin, here you can go to the beach for a swim after the club. 

How long do Ibiza nights last, then? 

Until the following afternoon, usually. The best parties get going at 7 a.m. 


Seriously. Most package tourists are tucked up in bed at their hotels by then. So what’s left are the locals and people who are really interested in music. 


On Deck

“This is a DJ’s view of his adoring crowd. These revellers were at David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous! party at Pacha.”

“Things only really get going at 7am.”
Faris Villena

Al Fresco Ecstasy

“The Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort is known for its lavish live shows. Here, 500 people party by the outdoor stage, beneath the night sky.”


All that glitters…

“These dancers were at DJ Guy Gerber’s Wisdom Of The Glove party at Pacha.”




“As well as the DJs, entertainers, dancers and artists form an important part of the island’s nightlife”, explains Madrid-born Faris Villena. “At Pachas’s Flower Power night (left), Ibiza celebrates its hippy roots here every Tuesday”. 


“Bikers in a club? That’s nothing new at Pacha. Kotrina, a dancer, is being chauffeured in on a Harley.”

“I just dance along until people forget my camera.”  
Faris Villena

What’s your tip for connoisseurs?

Go to Underground in San Rafael. There’s free entry, the drinks are cheap, and you get acts like the Martinez Brothers and DJ Sneak dropping in to perform spontaneous sets.

Many of your pictures show people dancing with a complete lack of inhibition. How do you capture that?

My aim is to capture the energy of the night. For that, you have to be part of the party yourself. So I just dance along until people forget my camera.



“A typical night at Under-ground, which is a mecca for electronic music. You always meet beautiful women here.”


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