city slicker

Photo above: Quella

Revive the working day with this urban-friendly gear

Quella One 2015 Black fixed-gear bike

This sleek edition of Quella’s fixed-gear staple will have you zipping through traffic in style. If Batman rode a fixie, it would probably look like this.

The Atom battery pack

Akku „The Atom“

© Siva Cycle

Clip this device to the back wheel of your bike and it will use the energy generated by your ride to charge your mobile devices. Talk about pedal power.

Skullcandy Grind headphones

Kopfhörer „Skullcandy Grind“

© Skullcandy

These low-profile but immersive cans allow you to pause, play and skip tracks and answer calls easily with just a tap on the ear cup. Ideal for confined spaces.

Arduboy console

Konsole „Arduboy“

© Arduboy

Make your commute more fun with the endearingly retro 8-bit distractions of this credit-card-sized Game Boy throwback. Just don’t miss your stop.

Gunnar Vinyl glasses

Brille „Gunnar Vinyl“

© Gunnar

Sit in front of a computer all day? These clever lenses filter out the harmful artificial blue light that emanates from the screen, reducing eye strain.

Powell & Hyde jacket

Jacke „Powell & Hyde“

© Helly Hansen

Laugh in the face of impromptu downpours with this lightweight jacket from Helly Hansen, complete with a bike-friendly helmet hood and reflectives.

Morpher helmet

Falthelm „Morpher“

© Morpher

This award-winning helmet folds in half when not protecting your noggin, taking up little more space in your bag than an umbrella. Handy for bike renters.

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