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If watching others do battle doesn’t satisfy your adrenaline craving, get up off the couch and get down and dirty with armies and zombies that are all too real.

You may be hot stuff when you’re sitting on the sofa, console controller in hand, battling through computerized combat scenarios or fighting off the pixelated zombie apocalypse. But how will you cope when you’re forced out of your comfort zone and into a real-world war zone? Strap on a replica, laser-targeted M4 assault rifle or holster a modified Glock pistol and find out at the Indoor Extreme Sports nonlethal combat facility in Queens, New York.

“It’s light years ahead of the training system the U.S. military currently employs.”
Peter Fermoselle

IES takes authentic training scenarios used by the U.S. Army and law enforcement agencies and combines them with the most intense laser-tag experiences you can imagine to bring shoot-’em-up gaming to life. “Our advanced M4 military platform is as real as it gets,” says IES founder Peter Fermoselle. “It’s light years ahead of the training system the U.S. military currently employs.”

Two main war games are offered within the 38,000-square-foot former cheese factory that houses IES’s various battlegrounds. “Your every sense is at its limit in there,” says Adam Green, a survivor of a close encounter of the undead kind. “The adrenaline really pumps through you and pushes you right to the edge. I was very scared, you bet. They come at you from everywhere.”

Advice from the Inside

Participants in IES’s law enforcement and military training scenarios wear the “shockbelt” system, which sends an electric current through them when hit. “Our insurance has given us a preliminary thumbs-up to use it recreationally,” says founder Peter Fermoselle. “It’s a real game changer.”

Indoor Extreme Sports

Shoot on sight

Get kitted out and then corner your friends.

Get Outta Town

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