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Indulge yourself in merry munchies

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The 5 hottest holiday food trends this festive season

Even though Christmas may be over it doesnt mean you can’t continue to eat with festive flair. The holiday season is all about stuffing stockings and faces alike. And whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Christmukkah or just love to feast like a king, there’s definitely no shortage of holiday-inspired merry munchies for you to indulge in this time of year.

So as temperatures drop and buttons begin to pop, we take a look at this holiday’s funkiest food trends springing up around New York City, and likely to find their way to a city near you in no time. And if you can’t make it to one of these dining destinations, rest assured these treats are so easy to make you can give it your Betty Crocker best at home.

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Haute Cocoa w/ burnt marshmallow

Cue this year’s hip hop jam “I’m in love with the Coco”. Only this cocoa is a little more PG. Hot Cocoa that is. All around the country, bakeries and chocolatiers are serving up this warm wonder keeping sweet sippers coming back for more. Whether served with a burnt marshmallow afloat (Mazhedar Bakery in Manhattan) or mixed with a little bit of Mezcal (Belle Shoals in Brooklyn), what better way to keep from becoming a snowman in these frigid temps than with a hot chocolate of your choice.

Down the Chimney Cake

How else can Christmas confections be described without mentioning sugar, spice and everything nice? Say hello to Chimney cakes. This generations-old dough dessert out of Hungary is making the Internet “hangry”! Wrapped around a stick and baked rotisserie style, this sweet treat is then rolled in your favorite toppings like chocolate, caramel or brown sugar, and ready to peel, share and eat! And few are doing the chimney cake better than The Rolling Pretzel at Bryant’s Park. 

Santa Shake

Santa is shakin’ things up at this Manhattan burger joint, Buns Bar, with his very own milkshake. Covered in Cream Cheese frosting, marshmallows and sugar, and topped with a homemade apple pie - yeah, seriously - this too-good-to-be-true treat is the object of every foodie’s affection. And if you’ve stopped believing in the big guy in red, this may just give you a reason to change your mind.

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Gingerbread donuts

Equal parts breakfast and dessert, this merry marriage of the most delicious festive flavors takes the taste of Christmas to a whole new level. It’s the holiday version of the cronut or cruffin, and is taking bakeries by storm. Chalk Point Kitchen in Manhattan offers them bite-sized versions, topped with a gooey maple glaze. This Christmas concoction is not to be missed.

Latkes with a twist

Created in the 1800s but still just as good, the Latkes are a holiday season staple. Fried rounds of perfect potato goodness, these traditional Hanukkah hotcakes are a festive favorite. Usually topped with sour cream, one New York City restaurant, Bustan, is putting a new spin on this sinful side. At this Upper West Side eatery, patrons can gorge on a giant gluten-free latke topped with smoked salmon and two eggs any style, with a side of labneh. Now, that’s something to toast to, L’chaim!

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