Ferrari wows with its new supercar

Italians know how to produce breathtaking cars. Case in point: the Ferrari F12tdf. Abarth’s latest 500 model, the 595 Yamaha Factory Racing edition, is not bad either!

When it comes to supercar stakes, Ferrari’s style sometimes comes second to its passion for profit. But when the carmaker puts style first, it can craft a real jaw-dropper. Case in point: the Ferrari F12tdf.


Spartan and sporty: The cockpit of the F12tdf.

The “tdf” stands for “Tour de France,” in honor of the historic endurance race that Ferrari dominated in the 1950s and ’60s. The Maranello factory plans to build a limited run of 799 vehicles and pack each one with a staggering amount of new and sexy tech.

The 6.3l V12 engine accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and boasts an astonishing 769 hp.

An abundant use of carbon fiber substantially reduces the overall weight, and an aggressive bodywork profile increases downforce by 87 percent.

Last but not least, a new active rear-axle system, dubbed “Virtual Short Wheelbase,” reduces oversteering, ensuring that owners reach their destination with all four corners of their beloved sports car intact.

perfectly formed

Abarth’s compact car has racing spirit

Seeking high performance that’s also easy to park? Fiat’s racing division, Abarth, has introduced its latest 500 model, the 595 Yamaha Factory Racing edition. The 595 produces 160 hp from its 1.4l T-Jet straight-four engine and gets the full treatment with lowered suspension and Koni shocks.

Plus, there’s Abarth’s quality detailing: full leather interior, flat-bottomed steering wheel and aluminum pedals, all nicely tucked away behind privacy glass. More conspicuous is the car’s rumbling, Record Monza exhaust. Trust us, everyone will hear you coming.


Abarth’s newest model: the 595 Yamaha Factory Racing edition.

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