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Games: The Order: 1886

In a city torn apart by rebellion and murderous supernatural beasts, you are humanity’s last hope.

Imagine a more action-packed Assassin’s Creed set in
a world not dissimilar to that of the excellent TV show Penny Dreadful, and you’re entering the world of The Order: 1886. Set in a parallel-universe London of 130 years ago, you play as Galahad, a member of an ancient order of knights, The Order, fighting enemies on two fronts: the rebellious Londoners unhappy with the police-like ways of The Order, and the Half Breeds, hideous, part-human creatures intent on wiping out humans of all kinds.

England’s capital, in the game’s timeline, has elevated trains and airships, thanks to an Industrial Revolution far more advanced than the real-life event. The developers— many of whom also worked on the Greek mythology adventure God of War and its sequels—have gone deep into the history books to devise the game’s steampunk weaponry and gadgets, to make items they’re calling “the Victorian version of the AK-47.” Using all this technology helps to boost the game’s compelling, murky atmosphere—which is also brought to life by a splendid re-creation of the foggy London of the time. There’s a dirty-old-town feel to the action, which is great, and it makes for a game that feels both familiar and different in the right ways.


Homefront: The Revolution

A first-person shooter in which U.S. resistance rises up to fight the occupying united Korean army. Out later this year on Mac, Windows, Linux and consoles. 

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War

Out in March for PS4 and Xbox One, this real-time battle game is grounded in the Hundred Years War between the kingdoms of England and France. 

The Last Express

A real-time point-and-click adventure set before the outbreak of WWI on board the Orient Express for a journey from Paris to Istanbul. On iOs and Android. 


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