The Red Bulletin Podcast: Risking it all for a Big Wave

Words: Andreas Tzortzis Photography: Clark Fyans/Red Bull Content Pool

There was one wipeout that changed everything for Ian Walsh. And as a result, the way big wave surfers prepare to tackle giant swells did as well. 

Ian Walsh grew up on Maui and discovered the bone-chilling thrill of riding big waves as a teenager.  

He’s built a reputation as a top big wave surfer by circling the globe to seek out massive swells—none as feared and respected as Jaws. Walsh has surfed the wave off of the north shore of Maui for more than 15 years and led safety and rescue efforts there for the last few. He stopped by the podcast to talk about the rising levels of preparation among the tight-knit community of big wave surfers and recounts the most jaw-dropping, near-death experience we’ve ever had on the Podcast. (Yes, more unbelievable than Jon DeVore’s crash into a mountain at 90mph) 

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December/2016 The Red Bulletin

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