The Red Bulletin Podcast: The Limits of Human Flight

Words: Andreas Tzortzis
Photography: Michael Clark/Red Bull Content Pool 

Hollywood stunt man and top wingsuit pilot Jon DeVore has had his share of close calls, but none as horrifying as hitting a mountain top at 90 mph. What a life in flight can teach you.   

Jon DeVore’s first-ever daring jump was from the top of his parents’ garage in Alaska holding a tarp. He didn’t float down as planned. 

From those bold—if not yet polished—beginnings, DeVore became one of his sport’s top acrobatic skydivers before adding the stomach-churning skill of proximity wingsuit flying to his repertoire. A man admmittedly more comfortable in the air than on the ground, DeVore has been tapped by directors in the Marvel universe to complete complex wingsuit stunts on the silver screen, as well as competed in flight competitons like the ongoing Red Bull Aces wingsuit competition.

On The Red Bulletin podcast, he talks about his most brutal crash, pushing the limits of human flight, and the selfishness sometimes required to be both adventurer and family man. 

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11 2016 The Red Bulletin

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