The latest crazy pizza trends

The latest crazy pizza trends

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How do you like your pizza? Perhaps you like ham and pineapple, or prefer plain old pepperoni. How about watermelon or birthday cake? Thanks to some maverick bakers, these are just some of the unusual toppings you can tuck into…

Probably the most famous food to have emerged from Italy’s shores (though pasta surely gives it a run for its money), pizza is as delicious to eat as it is simple to produce. Most people of all ages love pizza, whether it’s a basic margherita or one that contains the entire contents of someone’s fridge; American-style deep pan or stone-oven baked and thin. Just when you thought every conceivable pizza topping had been exhausted, a new baker pops up with new ideas fresh from the kitchen.

Here’s some of the latest and most innovative pizza trends.

Pizza delivery by drone - Your dreams just came true

Picture the scene: it's Sunday afternoon and you're lying on your sofa working your way through episodes of the latest hit show. You casually open the window and in flies a delicious warm pizza... by drone

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Waffle pizza

Seoul Waffle Pizza is a fairly unusual establishment in New York’s Koreatown, but incredibly popular among locals and visitors to the Big Apple alike. Owner James Kim combines various exotic flavours on his sweet waffles, so you’ll find classics like salami and cheese alongside the likes of avocado, grilled chicken and Korean specialties like bulgogi or kimchi.

All the toppings

Brazilian Roberto Dos Santos has become a social media star thanks to his wacky pizza creations chock full of strange toppings. He’s made pizzas featuring a whole watermelon, a birthday cake and even a six-pack of beer.

Dos Santos owns Pizzaria Batepapo and makes many of these half-joke, half-real creations. He attempts to combine as many different ingredients as possible on spherical dough, and has even baked some of the largest pizzas around.

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Pizza taste matching with coffee

If you pop to Starbucks during your lunch break in the UK you’ll be able to grab a coffee, and maybe a slice of cake or a muffin to go with it. But over in the US, plans are afoot to open up a new chain of Starbucks stores that serve pizza and $10 coffee drinks.

Napoletana Pizza is fire oven baked with ...

Napoletana Pizza is fire oven baked with anchovy, caper, tomato, garlic, basil, oregano. #spiritodimilano

Bearing the name “Princi”, these new Starbucks establishments will sell focaccia and pizzas and the first is set to open later this year. There’s currently no information about any special toppings, but taste matching for coffee and Italian food is being developed by the company.

Hot, hot hot

If you like living dangerously and you happen to be in Las Vegas, step away from the casinos and head to Evel Pie – a pizza restaurant that opened in mid-December that is dedicated to the memory of stunt icon Evel Knievel. Their motto is apt: “Live hard, drive fast, eat pizza!”

Members of the media joined us for a celebration

Members of the media joined us for a celebration December 16.

While the Evel Pie’s staff don’t fly through the air on motorcycles while wearing tight leather outfits, the venue is modelled on a 1979 pizza restaurant, and the menu includes the “World Famous Snake River Special”. This thick New York-style pizza boasts a topping of peppers, onions and garlic, as well as a rattlesnake jalapeno sausage. Best avoided if you don’t have a fiery appetite, though!

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