The weirdest ways to make money

The weirdest ways to make money

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Thinking of a career change? Here are some professions you might not have considered doing…

Sitting in an office all day can be pretty dull when there’s a whole world going on around you. But as the old saying goes, the grass is never greener on the other side - and there are some pretty bizarre jobs out there. We’ve compiled five of the strangest below.

  • Golf Ball Diver
  • Swan Counter
  • Roadkill Remover
  • Traffic Zebra
  • Bike Fisher

Golf Ball Diver

We’ve all smashed what we think is the tee shot of our life 300 yards onto the fairway, only for it to career off-course and end up in the lake. Even the pros do it from time to time, so we can take some solace in that. And as the ball plops into its watery grave, it joins countless other remnants of bad golfing. 

Not quite. This is where the golf ball retrievers come in. These folks are certified divers and jump in to rescue up to 65 pounds worth of lost golf balls at a time so they can be used again.

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Swan Counter

From housekeepers to drivers and security services, the Royal Family employs a huge fleet of staff. And as jobs with the monarchy go, those are pretty standard roles. The Windsors have a number of openings for more peculiar positions – the Queen has her own piper, and used to have a personal chocolate maker.

Nothing compares to the person tasked as “warden of the swans” though. The Queen owns all the swans in the UK, and the swan warden is responsible for annually counting each and every one of them while dressed in a white hat, red jacket and white trousers.

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Is this title real or from Game Of Thrones? Surely Warden of the Swans isn't a proper job...

Roadkill Remover

This job is pretty self-explanatory, and not one for the squeamish. Due to the high number of animals mowed down on their roads, both the US and Australia hire “roadkill removers” to remove the remains.

While smaller animals like snakes and frogs are disposed of in the old-fashioned way (i.e. lying there until something eats them), larger carcasses are collected by these dedicated pros.

Traffic Zebra

Full marks to the Bolivian road authorities, who came up with the ingenious idea of employing people dressed up in zebra uniforms to step out in front of cars to stop drivers from breaking the law. 

These stripy “traffic zebras” jump out in front of cars and buses as soon as traffic lights turn red, forcing motorists to stop, and also help pedestrians cross the road.

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Bike Fisher

Everyone knows Amsterdam is the city of bikes (and, err, other things we won’t go into here), and most residents of the Dutch capital get around by cycling everywhere. When some owners get tired of their bikes, they dump them unceremoniously into one of the canals. Around 15,000 end up in the water every year!

The local government deploys specialist boats with “bike fishers” who roam Amsterdam’s waterways dredging for the thousands of bikes that end up at the bottom.

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