Most Beautiful Waterfalls

The world’s most impressive waterfalls

Photography: Pixabay

Few sights in nature are as epic as waterfalls. They’re the perfect marriage of beauty and danger as a winding river meets a cliff edge and gravity takes over. These are some of the most spectacular.

Wouldn’t you love to just glide down a waterfall? OK, so you might not live to tell the tale, but it’d be like sliding down the world’s greatest waterslide. Times a million. One of earth’s great natural wonders, we’ve chosen five in spectacular locations that will take your breath away.

  • Dettifoss
  • Ban Gioc-Detian Falls
  • Iguazú Falls
  • Niagara Falls
  • Victoria Falls

Iguazú Falls (Argentina/Brazil)

The Iguazú Falls borders Brazil and Argentina, and its total height ranges from 197-269 ft., making it the highest waterfalls system in the world. With 275 individual cascades stretching across 1.7 miles, this is an intense experience visually, let alone physically. 

© Iguazu Argentina // Youtube

Top tip: Approximately half of the river flows into a long, narrow chasm aptly named the Devil’s Throat. This can be found on the Argentine side and is well worth a visit as you can get up close and personal with the Falls.

Ban Gioc-Detian Falls (China/Vietnam)

Set against a backdrop of green mountains, Ban Gioc-Detian Falls are a set of two waterfalls that straddle the China-Vietnam border. The largest waterfall in Asia (and third largest worldwide), its water rushes 229 ft. down a three-tiered cliff. 

Wasserfall China Vietnam

© Hoang Giang Hai // Flickr

Top tip: If possible, you should tour the waterfall early in the morning to escape the onslaught of tourists that ascend to the falls during the day.

Dettifoss (Iceland)

With a drop of 150 ft., Dettifoss isn’t the tallest on this list, but it’s definitely one of the most powerful, smashing out a flow of water at a rate of 193 m3/s. This is the Usain Bolt of waterfalls, and no other European waterfall comes close to matching it.

© Gudmundur Ogmundsson // Youtube

Top tip: If you fancy checking it out you’ll find Dettifoss located on the Diamond Circle in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland. For accommodation, try the nearby Hotel Skulagardur.

Niagara Falls (US/Canada)

Probably the most famous waterfalls in the world, the Niagara Falls border the US and Canada. On the US side, they’re called the “American Falls” while on the Canadian side they’re named the “Horseshoe Falls”. More than six million cubic feet of water descends over the crest line every minute in high flow – handy if you’re feeling thirsty.

Wasserfall USA Kanada

© Eva Blue // Unsplash

Top tip: Be sure to take a stroll over the 1,440-foot-tall arch Rainbow Bridge, which connects New York with Ontario, Canada for some stunning views. It’s handy to bring some loose change, as there’s a 50 cent toll to get across.

Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe)

The Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone is believed to be the first European to view the 350-foot-tall Victoria Falls, which borders Zambia and Zimbabwe, on November 16, 1855. He named his discovery in honor of Queen Victoria. Since 1989 they’ve been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

© ndomn8 // Youtube

Top tip: The Ilala Lodge hotel is located just a 20-minute walk from Victoria Falls. When ascending to the Falls make sure you don’t forget your raincoat and umbrella, as well as protection for your camera if you plan to take pictures. You will get soaking wet!

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