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chris brinlee jr
Chris Brinlee Jr.

Whether he’s climbing in the Himalayas or writing stories from LA, Chris Brinlee Jr. is an adventurer and storyteller who can’t stay put for more than a few weeks at a time. Follow his adventures on Instagram: @chrisbrinleejr.

NOVEMBER 27, 2015

These ultrarunners just destroyed the most insane Rocky Mountain route

World-renowned ultrarunners Mike Wolfe and Mike Foote—along with photographer Steven Gnam—just ran this insane mountain traverse from Missoula to Banff, with winter chasing their heels. The photos are unreal. Check ‘em out.

Looking for the best way to take hiking photos while you #optoutside? Look no further

Speaking of adventure photography, GoPro just released a how-to guide for taking epic photos while hiking. Take a look before you #optoutside to get some pro tips on nailing those shots for Insta—so everyone else will regret battling Black Friday mobs.

These are the best deals worth braving Black Friday for

Obviously, #optoutside is the way to go, but—but… If those deals are beckoning and you can’t deny the call, this guide will show you which ones are the best—and where to find them. Happy hunting; enjoy the mobs.

And… we’ve got a new SW: The Force Awakens trailer

This new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes a walk down the path of the Dark Side—giving some more insight into the epic saga’s latest villain, Kylo Ren. Han and Chewie are in on the action too. Can it be December 18th already?

spider silk parka

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NOVEMBER 25, 2015

This new parka will have polar explorers shouting, “my spider sense is tingling”

The North Face is teaming up with a Japanese company called Spiber to create the Moon Parka, a version of the apparel brand’s Antarctica Parka - but with its shell made from synthetic spider silk instead of Nylon. Why spider silk? Well, it’s stronger than steel and lighter than carbon fiber, for starters. This will be the first of its kind.

What do sunglasses and humanitarian projects have in common? Bono, of course

The U2 rocker has teamed up with eyewear brand Revo to create a new line of sunglasses as part of the “Buy Vision, Give Sight” campaign that aims to prevent blindness and impairment for five million people. Revo is giving $10 from every pair sold - up to $10 million to the initiative. [Insert “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” pun here.]

This year’s best Black Friday deals will be found when you #optoutside

It seems that REI’s #optoutside campaign has taken off, because tons of state and national parks have jumped on board, offering free admission this Black Friday. This year, opt for aisles of trees rather than aisles of cardboard and plastic. See you out there.

Watching this crazy ski bum will make you want to hit the slopes right now

He may be old. He may be crazy. And he’s definitely Swiss - but this ski bum called Snowflake knows how to make it count. Listen to him spiel while some young bucks shred powder and destroy alpine lines.

Check out Neil DeGrasse Tyson spit wisdom on SpaceX, the final frontier, and more

The Verge caught up with everyone’s favorite astrophysicist to ask him questions about technology, the universe, and the meaning of life. Everything he said makes sense. Read this interview; be enlightened.

ian walsh surf


November 23, 2015

New study finds that a 14% increase in cycling could save cities $25 trillion

UC Davis just released a new study on transportation cycling; its findings are pretty awesome. A 14% increase of bike use throughout the world (led by more cyclist-friendly policy and infrastructure) would result in a decrease of CO2 emissions by 10%. Additionally, $25 trillion can be saved worldwide by reducing the need for car-related infrastructure and maintenance. The message is clear: Riding a bike can help save the planet - and a shit-ton of money.

Google Maps gets offline navigation

Good news for all the international travelers out there - Google Maps now boasts offline navigation. Why is this useful? International data packages are expensive and navigating across a strange land without turn-by-turn can get pretty tricky. Offline nav can get you where you’re going - while saving you money. 

What’s cooler than a motorcycle sidecar? One that comes with a lightsaber

Ural motorcycles were born in a Siberian factory; their history is as rich as the Motherland herself. With a design that has undergone little change since WWII, these modern classics elicit grins from all people they pass - but thanks to its jet black paint job and built-in lightsaber, this sinister collector’s edition may instill fear of the Dark Side more than joy.

Check out this interactive, virtual reality surf experience

GoPro just released this 360-degree virtual surfing experience and it’s as awesome as it sounds. The interactive video takes you to Tahiti and gives a taste of what it feels like to barrel through the breaks with pros Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drollet. There’s nothing quite like this three-minute escape from cubicle-hell.

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