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Words: Chris Brinlee Jr
Photo above: Balazs Gardi

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chris brinlee jr
Chris Brinlee Jr.

Whether he’s climbing in the Himalayas or writing stories from LA, Chris Brinlee Jr. is an adventurer and storyteller who can’t stay put for more than a few weeks at a time. Follow his adventures on Instagram: @chrisbrinleejr.

DECEMBER 18, 2015

This is how to go heli-skiing without spending your life savings

If you’ve ever dreamt of riding a helicopter up to the top of a mountain, only to ski right back down—it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Heli-skiing can be affordable and this guide shows how to get the most bang for your buck.

Watching Roberta Mancino fly between two buildings is surprisingly soothing

Roberta Mancino is a fashion model-turned skydiver, whose jumps are as sexy as they are exhilarating. Case-in-point: for her latest video, she does a proximity flight between two skyscrapers—exuding the textbook definition of cool.

These awesome future predictions came to life in 2015

2015 has been no slouch when it comes to technological breakthroughs, evidenced by robots riding motorcycles and becoming self-aware, cancer being reversed, and a paralyzed rat walking again. One can only imagine what the new year will bring.

This bicycle tube inflates itself

All bicycle tires eventually go flat; if a pump is nowhere to be found the ride can get a little soft, damaging the tires and wheels. With these new self-inflating tires that won’t be a problem though, because an internal pump keeps them at a constant PSI—ensuring for a smooth ride all the time.

2015 was the year for badasses

What do the fastest climb of the Matterhorn, the fastest run around the world, and the first winter crossing of the Pacific Crest Trail all have in common? They were all completed in 2015, along with a bunch of other incredible feats. While this past year was definitely one for the record books, it’s time to set the sights on 2016.

harrison ford star wars

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DECEMBER 16, 2015

The Force is strong in Harrison Ford

While on set for The Force Awakens, a door from the Millennium Falcon fell on Harrison Ford’s leg—shutting down the production for a couple of months. Not long after, his WWII plane malfunctioned and Ford had to crash land in Santa Monica—barely escaping death. But he’s back in the pilot’s seat again, proving that you can’t keep a good man down.

Alex Honnold just sent new climbing routes and delivered aid in a war-torn Angola

Some of the most epic unclimbed rock in the world is in Angola, in southwestern Africa. Why are the routes so out of reach? More than twenty seven years of recent civil war is the obvious answer. Alex Honnold just took a trip down there to do some first ascents—and defuse landmines in what was probably his craziest adventure yet.

The new Ford GT’s windshield is made from the same glass as your smartphone

What do your smartphone and the new Ford GT have in common? Other than being really fast, they both use Corning Gorilla Glass—the same tech that keeps your phone’s screen from shattering into a million pieces when it gets dropped. Ford had the same idea for using Gorilla Glass in the GT because it’s stronger and lighter than traditional shatter-resistant automotive stock. While most of us probably won’t be running out to buy a GT, the tech should trickle down into more common cars making this a win for everyone.

The Force Awakens this Friday; here’s how to get caught up on Star Wars before it releases

Don’t know who Luke Skywalker is, but everyone is going to see Star Wars and you don’t want to miss out on the fun? This handy guide is the key to maximizing your knowledge of Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie before The Force Awakens in theaters this Friday.

vintage rv

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DECEMBER 14, 2015

You could be the next Ansel Adams with this National Park Service photography job

The NPS is hiring a staff photographer to shoot large format photos of our nation’s national parks. If that’s not already a dream job, the $100k salary will sweeten up the deal. Think you’ve got a worthy eye? Go apply now, because the application deadline is tomorrow.

This wingsuit flight is absolutely insane

The song “Push it to the Limit” comes to mind while watching these wingsuit flyers pilot through a narrow canyon that looks like it was a set for pod racing in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Try not to hold your breath while they zip through the narrow walls with mind-boggling speed and precision.

These vintage RVs look way more fun than boring hotels

If you prefer to get off the beaten path while traveling, look no further than these boutique RV hotels which give all the feel of camping—grilling, stargazing, and scenic views—but with the comfort of a cozy hotel. Sounds like the best of both worlds.

The North Pole may have just seen its last expedition

Climate change is real and the icecaps are melting. The geographic North Pole—which has historically been accessible by traversing tundra and ice—may soon be changed forever. Arctic explorer Eric Larsen and his partner just took one last chance to do an unsupported trek there, hauling 325-pound sleighs along the way. Frostbite and polar bears were the least of their concerns.

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