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This $500 Million Superjet Is The Ultimate Extravagance

Words: Josh Rakic
Photos: Courtesy of DesignQ

This prince threw down $500 million to build a flying mansion.

Superyachts and supersubs are all well and good for cruising around an island or two on vacation, but if you actually wanna travel and get there inside of a month, you’re gonna need a private jet. But a gulfstream won’t do. They’re so pedestrian …

Well, they certainly are for Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, who splashed out a whopping $500 million for the world’s biggest, most expensive and most insanely luxurious private jet: the Airbus A380 “Grand Palace.” Howard Hughes is turning over in his grave.The Prince’s A380 was (we’ll get to that in a sec) so yuuuge and extravagant, it made Donald Trump’s private jet look like a scale model of a commercial carrier. And coming in at just $100 million, the DT’s Boeing 757 is effectively a poorman’s Airbus for the one percent crowd.

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The plane cost $300 million off the factory flaw but the prince considered it too subtle, so opted to carry out a $200 million remodel of the interior that featured more gold than Tutankhamun’s tomb. No one has ever accused a Saudi prince — or any billionaire for that matter — for being classy.

There’s a parking spot for his Rolls Royce — standard. A concert hall for 10 with stage and grand piano — gotta. Then there’s the steam room, the spa and the “magic carpet” — flat screen TVs built into the floor which project what the plan is flying over, which effectively mimics a glass floor. It also features four king bedroom suites, a dining room for 14, prayer room and elevator between floors so you can go up and when you’re going up.

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Thing is though, no one’s ever seen it. Only renderings. The prince apparently offloaded it to another billionaire — name undisclosed — and photos are yet to surface of the finished product. Oh well, in the meantime he’ll have to settle for his $220 million Boeing 747-400, which features a lot of the same luxuries as the mysterious A380.

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