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This 5-course meal infused with weed gives new meaning to food coma

Words: Nicole Marie
Photography: Chef For Higher/Facebook

“Chef for Higher” brings bud into the mix with this dope Cannabis-Infused Culinary Experience.

Momma always said to “Eat your greens”. And all these years later, us kidults are finally taking said advice. Well, kinda… In honor of 4/20 last month - the highly revered unofficial North American holiday praising that green plant by the name Mary Jane - we enlisted NYC food blogger Nicole Marie to indulge in a night of edibles and edification. Here’s her story. Or what she remembers of it…

LOCATED somewhere in a secret joint in Soho, one of Manhattan’s swanky downtown neighborhoods, we met up with the Chef for Higher team for a private pop-up dinner. “Dinner is Dope”, as the event is known, takes its participants on a culinary journey helping Mary Jane merrymakers understand the benefits of blending cannabinoids into food.

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Over the course of several hours, two tables of 20 strangers celebrated the “high holiday” by breaking bread. And to break the ice, Chef for Higher co-founder Stephanie (surname undisclosed), raised mini mason jars filled with a refreshing vodka-based cocktail named the “Lil Jon Dory”, toasting to the power of pot.

Meanwhile, the hottest hip hop beats played in the background while sous-chefs Ari and Al whipped up a five course, southern-themed, cannabis-infused meal including black eyed peas sliders on mini Texas Toast, a shrimp-n-grits appetizer, a peaches-n-cream southern salad, gourmet gumbo and wild rice dumplings, and a red velvet and cream cheese frosting dessert layered in a jar. Let’s just say the munchies were in full effect even after this dope dinner.

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But why? We asked founders Stephanie and her husband, Hawaii Mike. “We saw an opportunity to educate our friends on the benefits of cannabis,” Mike says. “We see food as the second most communal consumable next to cannabis, so we started Sunday dinners which turned into a monthly gathering of like-minded thought and style leaders.”

© YouTube/Chef For Higher

Chef for Higher hosts monthly dinner parties around the country, most recently debuting their kitchen skills on the West Coast at the cool kids’ carnival, Coachella. “We’re expanding by doing dinners regularly in more cities and will be launching a line of cooking essentials starting with CFH EVOO and Hawaii’s Habanero Honey on the west coast, starting with California,” Mike continues.

But they’re just getting started. Chef for Higher hopes to expand their team across the country and share the exciting eating experience with enthusiasts around the nation.

Better yet, they cater.

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