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As one of the breakout stars of HBO’s political comedy Veep, Timothy Simons has made his name playing a creepy presidential aide by the name of Jonah Ryan. Now he’s doing funny on the big screen opposite Seth Rogen and James Franco in the TV-show satire, The Interview. 

The Red Bulletin: What’s the secret to playing an asshole?

Timothy Simons: I’m certainly not method with it. I try to be nice to people on set – I think I err on the side of trying to be too nice. The thing I do that gets me close enough to him is that when we’re rehearsing or shooting, I think about the worst thing you could say to someone or the worst way you could say one of the lines. If it’s improv or scripted, what’s the attitude or delivery that’s the most selfish and horrible? And then I go from there. 

Between seasons two and three of Veep you filmed The Interview with James Franco and Seth Rogen. What can you tell us about the role?

I play the associate producer of the show with James as the on-air personality and Seth as the producer. The guy I play cares immensely about the show and thinks that this show that is basically just celebrity interviews is the most important thing in the United States. 

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You’re very active on Twitter, even sharing a notebook you kept as a teenager with a list of the greatest movies of all time … and your top pick was Rad. I’d never heard of it, but it sounds awesome.

“This character thinks celebrity interviews are the most important thing in the U.S.”  
Timothy simons

One of the things that makes Rad so amazing is the way it’s a uniquely American movie. It’s about a small-town kid who rides BMX and takes a big risk skipping the SATs to try to qualify for Helltrack, a national BMX race that’s going to be held in this small town.

He has a big conversation with his mom—she wants him to get out there and make something of himself but he just wants to ride bikes. He says, “I can take those SATs anytime but this is the only chance I’ll have at this!’ And you know what? He f*cking wins.

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