Stunt School

Stunt School

Photography: Eirik Gustavsen

Want to learn how to perform stunts like a pro? Find out where you can take part in an action-packed week of adrenalin-pumping thrills and adventure.

“The most important thing is that you’re up for a challenge, because you will be challenged,” says Jacob Sebastian Malm, founder of the ESS. The intensive stunt workshop is aimed at total beginners, meaning that anyone can learn the tricks of the trade – although you’ll need a decent level of fitness to complete it. 

“You’re training for seven days straight in a high-tempo, high-level environment,” Malm explains, “so it’s important that you’re used to physical stuff. You’ll also need the mindset that still finds it fun even when it starts to get painful!” So many skills are crammed into the course – including martial arts, high falls (from 36ft. up), acrobatics, sword fighting, firearms, parkour and the daunting ‘partial to full burns’ – that even regular gym bods will find themselves pushed beyond their limits by Malm and his team.

“You could be able to do an Ironman triathlon but still struggle at the aerial work with a harness and wires, because it involves isolating completely different muscle groups,” Malm explains. “Dancers will find it much easier looking graceful in the air.”


A student receives some hands-on training

Of course, it’s the star attractions that participants find the most challenging, not to mention the most exhilarating. “The burns and the falls are where we really try to minimize the stress,” says Malm. “They’re super-dangerous, even with all the safety precautions we have in place. You have to stay absolutely focused, and you can end up mentally exhausted after a day of it. But people love it!”

According to Malm, around 70 percent of his students return to the ESS to do more advanced courses, or even start searching for work in the stunt industry. 

“It’s important for us that people really benefit from it and build a solid training base so they can start putting themselves out there,” he says. In other words? This isn’t just an action-packed week of adrenalin-pumping thrills and adventure – it could be the beginning of a whole new career.

Stunt School

How to disarm a movie gunman with an air punch


Don’t be afraid of getting a few bruises, especially during the fight training. “You don’t train to hurt anyone, but there will be points where you actually get punched,” says Malm. “It emphasizes that there’s contact between the people fighting.”

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