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Animal Instinct

Words : Heri Irawan 
Photo : Den April/Red Bull Content Pool 

B-Boy Champ Hong 10 gets ripped without heavy weights and makes like a snake to stay strong.

“I started dancing when I was 14,” says Kim Hong-Yeol, alias Hong 10. Each of the South Korean’s muscles looks defined and yet he claims that he’s “never lifted any heavy weights in my whole life”. The two-time Red Bull BC One champion (2006, 2013) prefers bodyweight training to develop the strength and power he needs, not least for his signature move, the Hong 10 Freeze. The 29-year-old starts his daily one-hour workout with press-ups, followed by squats and sit-ups: two sets of 50 reps for each. Then comes work with light dumbbells (see below). He finishes with what he considers to be the most important element: yoga. “The cat and cobra are the best way to strengthen the lumbar column [lower spine], which we break-dancers put under enormous pressure.”

Your daily power boost

“The only weights I use are 1 lb. and 2 lbs. to strengthen my wrists, which come under strain,” says Hong 10. “If you want to take a tip from me, work out daily. You should have attainable goals and don’t put yourself under too much pressure. That’s the best way to avoid injuries.”


Light weights

1-2lb weights 

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