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Can the reigning king of the Chrisses maintain his hot streak with Jurassic World?

Before last summer, there were only two ways you would have been able to pick out Chris Pratt from an actors’ lineup: first, if you were a friend or a member of Pratt’s family; and second, if you knew him as the doughy, rollicking Andy Dwyer in the much-praised (and dearly departed) sitcom Parks and Recreation. Even in 2014, when the 35-year-old actor made his big breakthrough as the lead in two huge hit movies, he was only visible in one of them. In The Lego Movie, Pratt provided the voice of the animated character Emmet Brickowoski, but he appeared in the flesh, among CGI raccoons and talking trees, helming Guardians of the Galaxy

His rise to international movie star, confirmed by the lead human role in the forthcoming Jurassic World, has been swift, surprising and stealthy. Unfortunately for Pratt, he’s found himself lumped in with fellow big-movie actors Chris Evans, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth. All four Chrisses, it has been claimed, are in fact clones created in a Hollywood lab as interchangeable pegs for any lantern-jawed action-man hole that needs to be filled. 

Trailer “Jurassic World”

This criticism is unfair to Pratt, who doesn’t have an iconic role such as Captain Kirk (Pine), Captain America (Evans) or Thor (Hemsworth) overshadowing his charisma. Unlike his fellow Chrisses, he’s not getting his balls busted for apparent failure in smaller or less successful movies—because he has yet to star in any. 

In January, when Pratt was mentioned as a possible successor to Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, there was no explosion of outrage on the Internet. There’s a lot of love for him right now: If Jurassic World hits the spot, with GOTG2 due in 2017 and a remake of The Magnificent Seven also coming, could the love affair continue? Jurassic World is out worldwide on June 10.

In Hope Of Good Cape

The Dark Knight returns (again) in the most amazing Arkham game yet

The „Dark Knight“

Batman: Arkham Knight is the fourth in the Batman: Arkham series and one of 2015’s most eagerly awaited games

This time around, Gotham’s law-abiding citizens have been evacuated and the remaining criminals, led by the Scarecrow, are intent on destroying the city and its winged protector. Gotham itself is one of the stars of this game: five times larger than it was in Arkham City, it’s truly astonishing to behold and well worth the hours of exploration it promises. But the best new feature? That has to be driving the Batmobile. 

Out worldwide on June 2 for the PS4, Xbox One, Windows and Linux. 

Trailer „Batman: Arkham Knight“

Keep On Walking

Missing your favorite zombie TV show? Get your undead fix in the original format

Walking Dead

With season five ending in spectacular fashion and season six likely to appear in October, fans of The Walking Dead can fill the gap by turning to the source material for the hit TV show. 

At the end of May, the 141st edition of The Walking Dead comic book will be published; previous issues are available in collected editions. Robert Kirkman, the title’s co-creator and one of the show’s writers and executive producers, has written every issue since the first in October 2003—no mean feat in modern-day comics. 

The plot of the comic is similar to the show, but not the same; spotting the differences is just one of the pleasures of reading. 

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