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The MINI Cooper S JCW: good on paper, even better on the road. Shmee150 gives it a test ride.

It was John Cooper who turned the original Mini into a winner at Monte Carlo. Now, each John Cooper Works MINI is built for performance: 228 hp at 2,845 lbs. propels the latest Cooper S JCW from 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds, peaking at 152 mph

But it’s not all about the numbers: a MINI should be fast and fun.

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The ride is as firm as you’d expect from a car with go-faster stripes on the hood, and very pointy steering and a short wheelbase make it good on the twisty stuff. Inside, the tech includes a heads-up display that changes color with each drive setting; Sport mode is red with a rev counter and lots of crackles and pops from the engine. All of which proves you don’t need massive horsepower to enjoy a car—as Cooper knew 50 years ago. 

Watch Shmee getting started with the MINI Cooper S JCW!

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