Webster Hall

Hall of fame

Words: Carly Miller
Photography: Bryan Kwon

After 128 years putting on shows, Webster Hall is one of the most renowned music venues in the heart of Manhattan

“There is no average night at Webster Hall,” says Rich Pawelczyk, the venue’s COO. It’s hard to imagine one, when there are six rooms on four floors that regularly house both concerts from cutting-edge artists and club nights that last until dawn.

“People from all walks of life, every demographic, every zip code and passport come here”
Rich Pawelczyk

It’s an inclusive place. The team at Webster Hall doesn’t cultivate and curate their crowd from behind a velvet rope. “People from all walks of life, every demographic, every zip code and passport come here,” says Pawelczyk.

This attitude has meant that the venue has been popular since 1886. Its impressive history draws in artists and crowds, and over the years Webster Hall has displayed diverse talent from Ray Charles to The Cure to Skrillex. “A perfect night is when the artist responds to the crowd, and the crowd in turn feeds off the artist’s energy,” says Pawelczyk. This positive back and forth creates an unending cycle, and the party never really stops.

125 E 11th Street,
New York, NY 10003

© Photo: Bryan Kwon; www.dailyeyes.com


Travis Bass creates and runs pop-up clubs in New York

The kind of parties I throw…

…stay fresh by moving location. People say New Yorkers need it. They get very bored, but when they see something off the beaten path, they love it.

A party is made by…

…the energy and flow. I like my clubs to be dark. I like people to let go of their inhibitions.

On an average Saturday…

…I make sure the door is extra tight because I try to keep the reputation. I make sure my people are having a great time, have a good drink and meet cool people.



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