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The Top Interactive 360° Music Videos

Interactive 360° videos are the latest trend in music. When watching, you can control the camera by moving your iPhone around. Here are three examples that will make you go whoa!

Björk - Stonemilker

Björk is an early adopter of innovations in music. In this ground-breaking 360° video, first shown at New York’s MoMA PS1 and London’s Rough Trade in March 2015, she dances in a neon dress on the black cliffs of Grótta, Iceland.

© Björk // YouTube

The Weeknd feat Eminem - The Hills (Remix)

The Canadian singer’s cinematic foray into 360° technology sees him walking through an apocalyptic scene with explosions and comets falling from the sky.

© xoxxxoooxo // YouTube

The Donnies The Amys - Runaround 

Last August, this indie-pop duo released the most exciting 360° music performance video so far. A single long shot takes the viewer through the band’s apartment with musicians performing in every corner.

© thedonniestheamys // YouTube

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