KTM: Freeride and Peace

KTM has established itself as an industry leader in terms of futuristic motorcycle technology and as one of the only major manufacturers to establish an E-bike, the company is perhaps one step ahead of the competitors. With emissions, the environment and fuel costs becoming more and more important to the consumer, KTM has begun a long future of dedication to E-mobility products to offer more options to its customers and to accelerate these new technologies.

Not so long ago, the KTM Freeride E-SX, and Freeride E-XC, both designed to hop on and ride flat out without shifting, regardless of the ability of the rider, were introduced. These bikes represent the company’s first step in the direction of E-mobility with the same premium quality as its world dominating offroad machines, and supreme range of street motorcycles. Encouraging people into motorcycling, offering a bike with zero emissions and developing a technological revolution to compliment its current combustion bikes is the goal of the KTM R&D department in Mattighofen, Austria, which is home to a dedicated team pursuing the future of E-technologies. This year sees the arrival of the very next step; The Freeride E-SM, which KTM’s first ever E-powered motorcycle for fun on asphalt. 

The brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor that the bike is powered by is driven by a lithium-ion battery, which is also called the Power Pack. An intelligent, state-of-the-art, innovative ECU is perfectly set and adapted for this application, and offers a spontaneous but easy to control power delivery for maximum riding fun, especially in small or tight areas. With no shifting and no clutch, there is no simpler way of riding a motorcycle. With torque of 42 Nm, the Freeride E can easily compete against many motorcycles driven by a combustion engine (A 250 EXC produces 40 Nm). High-end WP suspension compliments the vehicle, and its steel-aluminium composite frame.



One of the first ambassadors to celebrate the KTM Freeride E was Danny MacAskill – a world famous street trials bicycle rider – who has been enjoying the switch from pedal power to E-power. MacAskill is renowned for his unbelievable YouTube videos that have received millions of views worldwide, and is now a member of the KTM Family. After little time on the bike Red Bull athlete Danny has been planning some tricks, and learning from one of the best Extreme racers in the world, Jonny Walker. They rode the bikes at a Power Station last year, where the first video with MacAskill on the Freeride E was filmed.

In addition KTM has overseen the introduction to various Freeride E parks around Europe where privately owned facilities offer members of the public the opportunity to ride the bike on closed courses. There are currently parks in Germany, Austria, Finland, France, Netherlands and Belgium.

It’s good to remember that these bikes are the very first step. While KTM does not believe E-bikes will replace combustion engines in the near future, the company intends to continue the development of this innovative technology for motorcycle applications and perhaps elsewhere. For now the Freeride E is currently in dealers, and all of the information can be found on its dedicated microsite with its exploded diagram, accessory information, pictures and details on each individual model in the range – www.ktmfreeride-e.com

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