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The 5 most sickening winter wipeouts you can’t unsee

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

Watch these ice climbers take a tumble and recover like a champ

Winter snow and ice dangers are very real, as a Minneapolis woman discovered this week when the frozen Minnehaha Falls collapsed without warning on top of her and nearly killed her. Luckily, she escaped with only minor injuries at a location park’s officers havelong tried to keep closed to the public. And courtesy of onlookers, she’s got video footage (below) to remind her and others of the risks for life. But she’s just the latest in a long list of explorers and adventurers who’ve found themselves trapped under ice when the frozen faces they were surveying gave way or they lost their footing. 

Here are videos from the ones lucky enough to survive.

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Alberta, Canada

© YouTube/EpicTV

Even the experts can get it wrong, as expert ice climber John Freeman explains in this footage of a 2009 ice-face that gave way and careered down a mountain with him attached to it. (Watch from 2.25)

Parsley Fern, UK

© YouTube/GlobalLeaks News

Hit by a giant chunk of ice mid climb, seasoned solo climber Mark Roberts was rag-dolled for 1000 feet down the mountain, his helmet cam capturing him being drilled and scraped across rocks and jagged cliff face all the way down the gully.

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Mt. Whitney, California

© YouTube/Outdoors Together

Mountain climbing can quickly turn to ice climbing once the snow melts and refreezes as ice. And at the USA’s tallest peak a husband with head cam was forced to watch his wife plummet 750ft down the cliff face after a glissading attempt went bad. She escaped with cuts and bruises.

Stubai Glacier, Austria

© YouTube/ A Donnelly

Free skier Stefan Ager survived the climb up Stubai Glacier but his descent nearly cost him his life after he lost his footing putting on his skis, and dropped backwards down a sheer cliff face before being thrown over rocks for 15 seconds.

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