Kilian Fischhuber

“With rock climbing it’s just nature and you”

Photography: Johannes Mair / Red Bull Content Pool

Bouldering champion Kilian Fischhuber climbs India’s sandstone walls.

Badami, India
February 1, 2014

Kilian Fischhuber is considered the best competition boulderer in the world. But the 31-year-old also conquers rock faces. He first took on the sandstone south wall of Badami in 2014, before illness stopped him in his tracks. The Austrian retired from competition in December, so he’s now free to try again. “The heat of the wall and bad holds – that’s what makes rock climbing in India exciting,” he says.


Kilian Fischhuber went to India in January 2014 to explore the new and old routes in Badami & Hampi, along with Indian climber Tuhin Satarkar. Watch his adventure here. 

Kilian Fischhuber

© Johannes Mair/Red Bull Content Pool

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