Dylan Werner shares his expert knowledge on yoga

Expert on the Mat 

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Dylan Werner, one of the world leaders in yoga strength and body weight movement shares his expert knowledge.

Know who you are and what you like

“The first class that I ever took was a hot level 2 / 3 Vinyasa class. It was definitely not beginner. It was hard and challenging and I got my ass kicked. But that’s what I really liked about it. So I came back. If I would have started with a beginner’s class, I wouldn’t have been interested and I would have never given it a second chance. Know who you are and what you like. If you like challenging, take a challenging class. If you are nervous and want it to be easy, go to a beginner’s class. Knowing the poses or doing them right doesn’t matter. No one cares if you are good at yoga and no one (hopefully) will ever say that you don’t belong in that class, whatever level.”

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Dylan Werner shares his insight on yoga
Dylan Werner - The expert on the mat

Dylan Werner, 35, is regarded as one of the world leaders in yoga strength training and body weight movement. His background lies in wrestling, rock climbing and martial arts, where he first got introduced to yoga. Even though his practice seems very physical, he believes that yoga is a tool to discover yourself and find clarity and presence. 

Leave your ego behind

“I always say, the advanced yogi is not the one doing the handstands or super flexible poses. The advanced yogi is the one who listens to and honors their body, leaving ego behind. They take rest when they need rest and push their limits when they can. The best advice to really advance your practice, is to practice moving silently. Whether your jumping, handstanding or stepping, move with absolute mindfulness. Float like a ninja and your control will start to really develop as well as your body awareness.”

Comfort is the key

“Wear something comfortable, that you can sweat in and that you feel comfortable wearing. I started practicing in a pair of board shorts and no shirt. When you know how you like to practice, you can go and buy all the fancy designer yoga clothes. But don’t wear socks. That’s weird.”

“Don’t wear socks. That’s weird.”
Dylan Werner

Step on the mat

“The hardest part in the beginning is just showing up. Go. Sit on your mat and try to follow along. You will eventually learn the poses and even the names in Sanskrit. I just took a class in German and I didn’t understand one word but I made it through just fine. Yoga is about learning to breathe and being with yourself and being comfortable with that person and hopefully loving that person even more once you start to realize who you are. Let go of the need to be good or know what you’re doing or looking silly or being bad at it. Everyone in that class is there to deepen their own inner connection and do their practice and the teacher is there to help guide you.”

Love what you hate

“The pose I hate? All backbends. The pose I love? All backbends. I was really bad at backbends. I had no flexibility, so I practiced backbends all the time. Now, I love them.”

Eat good food

“I love to eat good meals. I eat out a lot or I try to cook nice dinners when I’m home. I enjoy food. If it’s delicious, I eat it. I love good wine and enjoy a neat Irish whiskey. My only restrictions on diet are no fast food, no soda. Food is to be enjoyed and there is much pleasure in that. Eat good food, be happy.”

Dylan Werner shares his insight on yoga

© Dylan Werner

Be strong and flexible

“You can’t make up for flexibility with strength. If you have flexibility you will have more strength by having less muscle resistance and better mobility. Brute strength will not overcome the lack of flexibility. The people that I see struggle the most in class are the super muscular body builder guys with no flexibility. They can’t hold down dog or even hold their arms over their head for very long. This is why the ladies are making the guys look bad. It should be a wake up call for people that lack mobility. They might have big muscles, but when it comes down to functional movement, they’re really weak. It’s also not good to just be flexible. Flexibility without strength creates instability, and that can be dangerous. You need a balance of both. You can’t compensate one with the other.”

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