Photos of the month

Photos of the month

Photo above: Markus Berger 

Very hot to ice cold: The spectacular and very exciting pictures of the month of May.


At the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, the fight to finish on the podium is, obviously, only part of the struggle. “You can get stuck at any time on any ascent in the desert sands,” explains driver Adam Malysz. “At the top of the dunes, there are 16-foot drops. If you don’t come down them diagonally, you’ll fall flat and it’s game over.” So what’s the best way to drive up a dune? “Go straight at them with your foot to the floor!” he says.

Desert Storm

© Marcin Kin/Red Bull Content Pool


For those who only break a sweat after running for 60 miles and are seeking inspiration, check out the blog of Brazilian ultrarunner Fernanda Maciel as she posts while training from her own turf. Freshwater beaches? Waterfalls? It’s all in a typical route for Maciel, who is the first woman to run Spain’s 534-mile Camino de Santiago in 10 days—pilgrims usually take five weeks to walk it.


© Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool


This snap by Austrian photographer Markus Berger of ice climber Rudolf Hausner in the Sigmund-Thun Gorge could get right under your skin—and not just because of its haunting composition. “For this shot I only used special UV lights,” Berger says, “and they reflect different pigments compared to normal lights.”

Lights out

© Markus Berger

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