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Fantasy Football: Our NFL Wives Dream Team

Words: Florencia Escobedo
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How would Gisele and the rest of the player’s wives perform on the field and where would they play? We have a theory… 

Still agree with James Brown that this is a man’s world? Then you’re in the minority – at least when it comes to sports. Beautiful games that were once thought too physically challenging, dangerous or violent for women, are being tackled head on (literally) by women the world over. The LFL, formerly the Lingerie Football League, now boasts 17 teams across three countries. The outfits may still be as skimpy as before, but one thing is certain – these ladies are not to be taken lightly.

With this in mind, we’ve broken another stereotype and created an NFL team consisting solely of player’s wives. Often seen as a mere accessory to their superstar husbands, these women are much more than that. Check out what might be the most beautiful NFL team ever created, and do not doubt that these women pack a punch! 

Quarterback: Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen is one of the top-earning models in the world, the 89th most powerful woman in the world, and she also happens to be married to New England Patriot’s QB Tom Brady. It’s not easy to get to where she is right now: you need a clear strategy and the willpower to see things through. Her stamina, precision and desire for perfection make Gisele the perfect candidate for quarterback. She’s also had plenty of time to pick up the trade secrets from her four-time Super Bowl winning husband. 

Taniqua Smith

Taniqua Smith: A smile to melt hearts, a tackle to break bones?



The epitome of both physical and mental strength. As the daughter of a police officer and former member of the US Air Force, Taniqua learned the importance of discipline from a very early age. She has also gone through a number of personal problems that have only served to make her stronger, including her divorce from Denver Broncos defensive end DeMarcus Ware. There’s only one place for a woman this strong – defense. 

Middle Linebacker - Jessica Burciaga

One of the biggest talents of Detroit Lions wide receiver Lance Moore’s girlfriend Jessica Burciaga is her ability to imitate Jennifer López – or at least that’s how she got her initial claim to fame – by being mistaken for “J.Lo“ in a number of racy photos. The former Playmate has since taken every opportunity to use the likeness to her advantage. This ability to sink into the role of someone else and use it to your own advantage is a weapon that makes her an ideal middle linebacker. This position is all about reading the opposition’s formation and predicting their quarterback’s movements.  

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Lacey Owens y amigas

Lacey Owens (far left) runs marathons for breakfast, a couple of quick sprints for us won’t hurt.


Carolina Panthers cornerback Cortland Finnegan’s wife Lacey Owens is an activist and businesswoman. She returned to her passion of non-profit work after a spell in PR and sales and is now executive director of her own charity, ARK 31. Owens is a passionate runner and has taken part in many marathons. Her speed and stamina therefore make her the perfect candidate for wide receiver. 

Head Coach - Ashton Meem

If there is one thing Russel Wilson’s (then quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks) ex can do, then it is plan. Meem currently works as an event planner, which means she’s all about strategy, delegation, vision, punctuality and creativity, making her perfect coach material. If she can organize and plan a wedding with over 300 guests, then she shouldn’t have too many problems keeping a football team under control. 

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