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These are the Photos Of The Month: May


Slacklining 230 feet in the air, hypnotic party beats in Texas and channel hopping in France. Here are the best pics of the month.

line dance

Fortescue Bay, Tasmania

The Moai butte stands up as straight as a pole from the cliffs of Fortescue Bay on Tasmania’s southeast coast. Highline specialist Ryan Robinson figured that it would be the ideal endpoint for his 230-foot slackline. “It’s like the gods gently placed this here to be strung up and walked across,” says the American, who posted the video of his balancing act 115 feet above the surge on Instagram.

Don’t head here if you suffer from vertigo:


true blue 

true blue

© Chad Wadsworth

Austin, Texas

The Dallas-based rapper and producer Blue, the Misfit, has worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q. Seen here rousing the crowd at Austin club the Parish for Red Bull Sound Select, the innovative and meticulous musician drops thick and hypnotic party beats while spouting lyrics like “I need love like Austin loves weirdos.” He claims he doesn’t get enough of it in the song, but his eager fans might disagree.

Channel hopping

Channel hopping


Paris, France

The Canal Saint-Martin is about 3 miles long, traversing Paris from north to south. It is drained every 10 years in order to clean it of garbage that’s been illegally dumped there.

For three-time BMX flatland world champion and Paris resident Matthias Dandois, this maintenance creates a new playground. His aim? A bunny hop with a splashdown he can land only once a decade. Watch the video at:

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