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Words: Alexander Macheck
Photography: Ben Franke

These parkour pros have made running an art form. And in the concrete jungle of New York City, they have the world’s most famous playground at their disposal.

Urban canyons

Top: Erik Mukhametshin leaps between steel joists at the Bleeker Street stop. One wrong step and it’s goodbye front teeth.
Below: The Boss (Pasha Petkuns) scopes his next route. 

Urban canyons

In New York City’s canyons.

Times Square

Juan Rosario does the Human Flag on the side of a sightseeing bus. “A lot of people just walked past as if there wasn’t something absolutely extraordinary happening,” says photographer Franke. Welcome to New York City. 

Times Square

The most New York thing you can do is barely notice the guy doing the Human Flag on the side of the tour bus.

Pasha Petkuns in action:

© Ben Franke // Vimeo

Eigth Avenue

Pasha “The Boss” Petkuns uses a steel joist at this subway station to gather enough momentum for a backflip.

8th Avenue

Backflips in the subway station: no problem for “The Boss”.

Williamsburg Bridge

Erik Mukhametshin does a backflip as a subway train passes beneath him. Illegal? Whatever. It’s not like the cops are out to stop these parkour pros. Later, in Union Square, some officers even play along, turning on their siren as one of the guys leaps over a squad car.

Williamsburg Bridge

And… action! The police turn on their sirens and drama is guaranteed.

Central Park

The Boss performs a precision jump over rocks in Central Park. Photographer Ben Franke first came across parkour on YouTube. “When I saw what these guys were doing,” he says, “I just knew that I had to get pictures.”

Central Park

For Pasha, a precision jump over rocks is easily done.

“When I saw what these guys were doing, I knew right away that I had to get pictures.”
Photographer Ben Franke
Hudson River

Luciano Acuna Jr.: Master of the plank challenge.

Hudson River

Above: Luciano Acuna Jr. displays extreme body tension as he holds a position called the Planche at a disused pier on the river.
Below: Lenny “Tarzan” Cruz shows how he earned his nickname, making this jump in Queens look effortless.

Hudson River

Lenny Cruz: The “Tarzan” of New York City’s jungle.

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