Krystle Wright

Dangerously beautiful

Words: Andreas Rottenschlager
Photography: Krystle Wright

BASE jumps, icy storms and flights through the mountains of Pakistan: Krystle Wright’s job as a photographer has made her an extreme sportswoman. The Australian turns her adventures into unique artworks. Here, she talks us through some of her favorites. 

“In late 2011, a friend asked me if I wanted to spend two months on a ship sailing around Antarctica to show travel photographers how to work under extreme conditions. Of course I said yes. I mounted my camera onto a telescopic rod so that I could photograph underwater from the ship. This kayak belongs to kayak guide Valerie Lubrick, who’s from Canada.” 

This is how Krystle Wright describes the spectacular picture above showing the Lemaire Channel in Antartica. So what exactly are the advantages of climbing a 30 ft. high mast and why should you be very careful to avoid power lines in Medellin? Wright digs deep into her photos featured below. 

Krystle Wright - Baffin Island

BAFFIN ISLAND, canada - april 17, 2010

“Baffin Island is a BASE jumping paradise. The cliffs are over 5,000 feet high, there are flat landing areas and there are no police for miles around. The downsides are the blizzards and temperatures of well below -4°F, like here when we were building our base camp on the first day of the expedition. 

Krystle Wright in Moab, USA

MOAB, USA - march 19, 2013

“In Moab you come across some of the best BASE jumpers in the world. I immersed myself in their scene for four years for one photography project. This is Matt Fleischman leaping from Looking Glass Arch, an iconic sandstone structure. You take off just 128 feet above ground.” 

Krystle Wright in Hunzatal, Pakistan


“I often go to countries that the media tells us to avoid. In Pakistan, I went on a paragliding expedition to the Karakoram mountain range. We climbed to 23,000 feet and I experienced the screaming barfies in my hands. When we landed, we were met by these children. The people in Pakistan were really nice.” 

Krystle Wright in Victoria, Australien

Victoria, Australia - august 31, 2011

“Nalle Hukkataival is one of the best boulderers in the world. Here, the Finn tries his arm at rock climbing on the Groove Train, one of the toughest routes in Australia. It’s important for me to follow the athlete as closely as possible. So I climbed a boulder myself and shot from there.” 

Krystle Wright in Eagles Island, Australien

EAGLE Island, Australia - july 27, 2011

“For this photo, I was hoisted up the mast in a boatswain’s chair. With the high winds, I tried my hardest to hang onto the mast while being shaken around. Luckily I managed to get this shot of kite surfer Brett Wright and his perfect turns.” 

Krystle Wright in Medellin, Kolumbien

MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA - february 4, 2015

“This is Spanish paraglider Horacio Llorens sweeping over the streets of Medellín under a full moon. Because there are no restrictions on paragliding in Colombia, you can fly there at night. You’ll need a guide, though, to steer you through the power lines as you come in to land.”

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