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Vonn mastered a challenging super-G on January 25 for a record-extending 64th World Cup victory. With only a few more days until the Alpine World Ski Championships, Vonn shares thoughts on a comeback journey that’s gone nearly full circle. 

I’ve put so much energy into these last three weeks that it feels good to be home and relax. I’m in Vail now resting and regrouping until the World Championships that start on February 2. These past weeks have been a blur—it still feels surreal.

I was mentally drained coming into St. Moritz after my wins in Cortina. To come down from such a high and then to go into another big race was exhausting. After a near fall on Saturday, I knew I had to put everything I had left into the Super-G. Sunday’s race was especially challenging, a lot of girls skied off course, but that’s when being a veteran pays off. I’ve seen courses set like that before, so I knew not to underestimate that last gate and gave myself plenty of room to make it. Having the Super-G win in St. Moritz was a test of my strength mentally and physically and I’m just glad I pulled it off.  It’s a big boost of confidence going into World Champs.

I didn’t get to celebrate my 64th win in St. Moritz as much as I would have liked. I had lunch with my dad and step mom, opened some champagne and had some chocolate ice cream. Then Lindsay, my physical therapist, drove me to Zurich where we opened one of my winning bottles with the team, had some fondue and went to bed exhausted from the race. The next day I still had a long flight home to Vail.  

“I want to take all those emotions, struggles and victories with me into World Champs.”
Lindsey Vonn

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Everything is starting to come together for World Champs. As I drove home from the airport, I could feel the excitement with signs being put up and the whole town working on getting ready for the race. I saw a lot of racers at the airport, and Slovenian gold medalist Tina Maze was on my flight home. Everything is going so fast—I haven’t quite taken in the past few weeks and already have to prepare for the next few weeks. So it feels good to be home, finally, with my dogs. I just adopted a Newfoundland-Chow mix named Bear and he keeps my other dog, Leo, company while I’m gone. I’m excited to take a few days off with them.

On top of the races I have my foundation launch in Vail during World Champs, which I’m very proud of. It’s a program I created to inspire girls, the community and the next generation. I’ve put a lot of work into it and I am excited to get it started.

Watching my story, The Climb, come out this week was also really emotional for me. I started filming from day 1 after my surgery back in 2013 and I’ve had Red Bull’s cameras following me ever since. To see it come out now after I completed my 62nd win goal is a dream come true. I want to take all those emotions, struggles and victories with me into World Champs. 

I can’t wait to see my family and fans at the finish line on my home mountains. Thank you for the continued support—wish me luck!


The Climb chronicles Vonn’s return from her career-threatening injury at the 2013 Alpine World Ski Championships in Schladming, Austria.    

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