Rosy Hodge: My favourite surfing destinations

Rosy’s most radical waves


Here are 5 surf spots you really need to visit - recommended by surfing queen and TV host Rosy Hodge.

Rosy Hodge has been traveling to the most idyllic surfing spots on earth for more than a decade, first as a competing professional surfer on the World Championship Tour and more recently, as a broadcaster on the WSL’s Championship Tour. So she knows a thing or two about awesome surf spots.

Surfing remains her main crush, and the 29-year-old who hails from East London in South Africa reckons she surfs more now than ever before, here, in her own words, are her ultimate surf spots in the world:

  • Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa 
  • Snapper Rock, Australia 
  • Tavarua Island, Fiji
  • Honolua Bay, Hawaii
  • Queensbury Bay, South Africa 

Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa 

I love everything about this place and wave. Even the cold adds to the mystic feel of the line-up. It’s raw, beautiful and iconic. Those groomed lines that bend into the point always make my heart happy.

Local surfers ride some monster waves in J-Bay

© Youtube // CSALT

Snapper Rock, Australia 

Snapper must be the most crowded surf spot on the planet, but when you get a good one it’s incredible. The water temperature and shape of the wave make it just so inviting.

Awesome barrels at Snapper Rock 

© Youtube // GoPro World

Tavarua Island, Fiji

There is something special about staying on this tiny island. I love surfing ‘Restaurants’ or ‘Cloudbreak’ of course but that place is so special even riding a soft top at Kiddie Land or Namotu Lefts is heavenly.

Fijian megaswell!

© Youtube // Surfline

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Surfer's Paradise - Alan van Gysen finds the perfect wave

Adventure isn't something that's been consigned to the history books or made obsolete by Google Earth. It's out there for those who seek it. You just have to want to look. Like modern-day treasure hunters who search for lost pirate loot, surfers know that the proverbial gold exists in remote Madagascar, waiting to be discovered.

Honolua Bay, Hawaii

You come into the parking track at ‘The bay’ and have the poor man’s helicopter view of the swell running down the point. That wave is perfect. Sure, another densely populated lineup, but the wave is dreamy.

Carissa Moore rides a 10-point tube at Honolua Bay

© Youtube // World Surf League

Queensbury Bay, South Africa 

It’s my home break and even after all these years it’s my absolute favorite place in the world.

Rosy surfing some of the most beautiful spots in Cape Town

© Youtube // WorldofHeroesZA

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