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Bike World: Part 2

With amazing advancements in outdoor technology, this is the year to get back on your bike.
1. For the mountain

Megatrend: Fat bikes

With tires twice as thick as normal, fat bikes are especially handy in mud, snow and deep sand. The Blizzard -50 from Canadian luxury bike makers Rocky Mountain also gets the details right: superior tire clearance, quality parts and a tailor-made suspension fork.


Cube Stereo 160 C:68 mountain bike, replica enduro winner


The Cube Stereo 160 C:68 is quick, but that’s not all: this replica enduro winner also has ingenious shocks you can operate from the handlebars, a super-light carbon frame, and aggressive geometry that blends climbing prowess with downhill freeriding nimbleness. 

2. Finest Cycling Clothing
3. For the road
V1-r Limited Edition by Colnago: Ferrari counterpart


Colnago has been creating high-end racing bikes for decades, but with the V1-r Limited Edition, the Italian luxury bike maker has pedaled the extra mile, teaming up with its local motorsports counterpart, Ferrari. This has resulted in a super-charge of F1 engineering to Colnago’s already advanced carbon manufacturing—the frame geometry has been tuned up and every tube shape-optimized via wind-tunnel testing. Add Mavic Ksyrium 125th Anniversary wheels and you’ve got a limited- edition bike that’s anything but limited in performance

4. For the city
Gazzetta City Bike by Cinelli


In its single-speed rocket, the Gazzetta, traditional Italian bike manufacturer Cinelli has fused steel expertly to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts, perfectly designed for both track racing and modern city life. You’ll be overtaking bike messengers on this one.

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