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The best VIP Perks and Packages for Ultimate Fans

A true football fan just needs the game and a beer, right? But what if you want a little more luxury with your touchdowns and tackles? There are plenty of ways to spend bigger bucks to have VIP experiences at stadiums across the country. From sideline seats to poolside cabanas to player meet-and-greets, here’s how go fancy this football season. 

Hard Rock

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Hard Rock Stadium, Miami

The newly renovated arena (recently renamed the Hard Rock Stadium after the restaurant and hotel chain struck an 18-year deal with the Dolphins in August) now offers a variety of luxe “seating experiences.” But none is quite as plush as the “72 Club Living Room Boxes.” Those who purchase this particular level of tickets (which reportedly go for $75,000 per season) get all the perks of the stadium’s 72 Club, which includes the usual unlimited food and beverages and in-seat service in addition to access to a VIP express lane that allows you enter and exit the stadium without dealing with any traffic snarls. You can then either park in your very own space or have the team-arranged car service drop you off and pick you up. As for the “living room” part, members get a private four-person box located on the 35-yard line. Seats come with private screens that allow for watching replays and highlights and the seats themselves are the cushiest and biggest in the stadium, eight inches wider than the rest with 11 inches more legroom. 

Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California

Celebrity chef Michael Mina’s name is all over the place at the San Francisco 49ers’ stadium:  He’s got the modern steakhouse Bourbon Steak and the more casual Bourbon Pub, both open to the public on non-game days. But when the team plays at home, those spots transform into Michael Mina’s Tailgate, a club with a membership open only to season ticketholders that’s inspired by the legendary tailgate events thrown over the years by Mina, a diehard 49ers fan and season ticketholder himself.

Starting four hours before the game, members, who pay $3,500 a season, get to indulge in a multi-course menu with beverage pairings and dishes focused on locally sourced ingredients (three words you never thought would describe football stadium fare) as well as components originating from the opposing team’s region. Expect guest chefs from those cities too, like LA superstar chef Suzanne Goin cooking during the Rams game, and Emeril Lagsase bamming it up when the Saints play. Members can stay during the game and watch the action on one of 70 TVs (exclusively through the third quarter; after that they let the common folk in) or head to their seats armed with Mina-made goodie bags of gourmet snacks. There’s also free VIP parking, a personal concierge available, and each member gets pregame field passes to two games per season. 

EverBank Field, Jacksonville, Florida 

If you haven’t considered bringing a bathing suit to a professional football game before, well, you’re clearly not from Jacksonville. These days, you and 49 (or more!) of your fellow Jaguar fans can book a spot in one of the Smart Pharmacy Spa Cabanas on the stadium’s newer FanDuelVille Deck (clearly, sponsorship opportunities abound here). The special area offers access to not just cabanas, outdoor sofas, lounge furniture, and TVs, but also access to multiple spas (which are more like small pools since they’re not the bubbly Jacuzzi kind.) The area can accommodate up to 200 people, and a 50-ticket package ranges from $13,750 and $16,150 including food and beverage, and, of course, unlimited dips in the water. Hey, better here than in Green Bay…

Century Link

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CenturyLink Field, Seattle 

It’s rare to get to sit this close to the action without having connections or being Gisele Bundchen, but when it comes to the Seahawks, all you need is the willingness to spend some extra cash. The stadium offers a couple rows of Field Seats in four corners of the stadium, as close to the sidelines as it gets. And while some spots go to season ticket holders, single game field level seats are available for between $1,000 and $1,500 per ticket depending on the game. In addition to the high-back, cushioned, 24-inch seat in a killer location, the ticket comes with entrance to the stadium via a VIP express line, complimentary concessions that can be ordered via smartphone, and access to the stadium’s VIP club and lounge.   

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AT&T Stadium Dallas 

For those looking to make a pilgrimage to the home of the Dallas Cowboys from out of town, this travel service can line the whole thing up for you. In addition to two nights at a nearby hotel, those who purchase the highest-level package get premium seating in the corner end zone on the Cowboys’ side, a private tour of the practice facility and team headquarters, pre-game sideline passes, tailgate party, and access to the player tunnel and field-level club behind Cowboys bench throughout the game. The day before, participants also get to attend a player (and cheerleader!) autograph session and meet-and-greet for selfies galore. The whole shebang (not including airfare) will cost you around $2,500 depending on the game. 

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