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Train your muscles and cardio with a lightsaber, have a healthy post-workout meal and relax with the anti-stress app “Calm”

The Workout: Ludosport international Light saber combat Academy

Learn to fight with the Force at one of the growing number of lightsaber academies worldwide. There are seven combat styles to choose from, and 10 rules to obey, with this muscle-building cardio workout

The first LudoSport Academy was founded in Milan, Italy, in 2006. LudoSport International is the network of Academies deployed throughout Europe with a common learning path and teaching method. Now, the sport awakens in the US too.

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The fuel: Bowl food

Yep, healthy food in a bowl is big news. A one-dish wonder – from Power Bowl to Banzai Bowl and even dessert soup – is now the only acceptable post-workout meal.



This anti-stress app plays nature sounds to soothe your mind, and the desktop site,, offers nine calming scenes. Try it before sending that angry email. Available for iOS and Android.;

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