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These sporting celebrations are legendary

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You’re not a sporting great until you have an iconic celebration. Here are five of the best from around the world.

Some trademark sporting celebrations are as iconic as the athletes themselves. Following his record-breaking achievements in Beijing and London, Usain Bolt’slightnight bolt” is perhaps the most well-know celebration in the world. 

Great feeling to be back on the track.

Great feeling to be back on the track.

We’ve taken a look at some other famous sporting celebrations.

  • Mo Farah
  • Boris Becker
  • Seabstian Vettel
  • LeBron James

Mo Farah’s “Mobot”

Mo Farah was arguably the star of London 2012 giving the world the “Mobot” victory pose in the process. Farah adopted the move following an appearance on the panel game show A League of Their Own in May 2012, when host James Corden told the panellists they should think of a new dance to mark Farrah’s winning celebration. Fellow guest Clare Balding came up with the “M” gesture and the rest, as they say, is history.

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@nrathbone1878 just watching A league of their own and Mo Farrah is on it. You remember the

Boris Becker’s fist pump

The world’s second most famous blonde-haired Boris made history when he won Wimbledon in 1985 at the tender age of 17, just a year after turning pro. As well as being the first German to win the men’s singles title, Becker was also the first unseeded player to celebrate victory on the lawns of south London. After defeating Kevin Curren, Becker joyously pumped his clenched fists into the air to the delight of the Lawn Tennis Club crowd.  

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Sebastian Vettel’s finger

From 2010 to 2013 Sebastian Vettel reigned supreme in Formula 1, winning 4 titles in a row with Red Bull Racing. To celebrate race wins, the German racing driver raises his index finger, just like you would have done back at school when you were trying to get your teacher’s attention. His chosen victory salute became so unpopular at the height of his dominance that some critics suggested he drop it – but Vettel was having none of it, saying “I think the most important thing is you are who you are and stick to that.

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LeBron James’ Silencer

Few would dispute LeBron James’ “Silencer” celebration as one of the best. And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then it’s little surprise it makes this list. Debuting in 2013 while he was still at Miami Heat, James’ victory dance has been copied by NFL stars Braxton Miller and William Gay, as well as his own son. After knocking the ball in the hoop, James pushes down his hands three times and double taps his chest with his right hand, before delivering a primal scream to quieten the hostile crowd around him. It’s easy to see why they call him the King.

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