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The Red Bulletin Podcast: Inside the Mind of a Cliff Diver

Words: Andreas Tzortzis
Photo: Romina Amato

Jumping from a 92-foot platform requires unwavering confidence in your own abilities. This week, David Colturi talks about how he’s managed to get comfortable in incredibly risky situations.

It’s hard to fathom for someone who now makes his money doing it, but David Colturi didn’t dive off of his first cliff until he was 21. Granted, by that point he’d been diving since he was very young and had won the national collegiate championships in 10m platform diving. But competing in the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series meant he had to jump from a height almost triple that.

In this week’s podcast, Colturi talks about how he developed his mental focus at the edge of the platform, and the challenge of making his way in a sport so young, it’s lacking in support structure. 

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