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The Red Bulletin Podcast: Mr. Acapulco Deck

Words: Andreas Tzortzis
Photo: Wikimedia

Nightlife king Teddy Stauffer turned a fishing village in Mexico into a Hollywood jet-set destination. In addition to opening nightclubs, marrying five times, and inventing the pool bar, he breathed new life into an ancient sport.

When war was declared by Germany in 1939, Teddy Stauffer took the next boat to America. The Swiss-born big-band leader’s genre of music wasn’t appreciated by the Nazis, and Stauffer—never a man to waste time —took the hint. Over the next 40 years, the tall, handsome musician would become a nightlife impresario and Hollywood player in Acapulco, Mexico, almost single-handedly building the reputation of the jet-set destination and — almost accidentally—jumpstarting the sport of cliff diving. Ahead of next week’s interview with diver David Colturi, we rewind the clock to tell the story of the man who invented the pool bar and dedicated his autobiography to 113 women—each listed in alphabetical order.

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